WTF: Where’s the food? (semester one) + happy holidays! 

First things first: HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! Hope it is an amazing one for both you and your family!

And on to the rest of today’s post… FOOD AGAIN, because why not?

Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for my credit card), my dorm back in Austin is one block away from The Drag, which is a nickname for a portion of Guadalupe Street that runs along the western edge of the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas, as the lovely Wikipedia will tell you.
The Drag began as a strip of shops which provided vital resources to UT students. There, you can find bookstores for textbooks & school supplies, small boutiques (but really, do you think college students can afford a $47 tank top? I certainly can’t…) and best of all, A TON OF FOOD VENDORS!

Falafel (Verts Mediterranean Grill)
Falafel (Verts Mediterranean Grill)

So why again is it bad for my credit card? Because I now have a shit ton of money left from my campus meal plan and not enough on my card. But the food on The Drag is so incredibly good, and so is the food scene in Austin, so if you ever stop by Austin, you too should try these lovely lil’ places around the city!

First up is Kismet. Kismet used to be located literally three minutes away from my dorm, but moved to a different location recently. 😦 Not sure where they are now, but if you ever find them, definitely try out their P17, the Creamy Jalapeno Meat over Rice. Next is K-Bop, a Korean restaurant on the North side of The Drag. I went just once with a group of friends and got the Bibimbap, and though my photo does not do it justice, I would also recommend you try this one if you’re a fan of Korean food. Madam Mam’s Thai Cuisine is also about three minutes away from me, and their Bankrupt Noodles is a spicier and yummier version (if that’s possible) of the beloved Pad Thai. Right next to Madam Mam’s is Vert’s Mediterranean Grill, where they have some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G falafels and their Tzatziki Sauce can go ahead and kill me now with its deliciousness.

Austin is also home to some of the best food trucks in the world (or I’d like to think). Don’s Japanese Food Truck is both cheap ($5 for a box? Hell yeah) and delicious, so if you go during lunch, expect about a 40 minute wait under the sun. Julie’s Noodles serves some pretty good Egg Chow Mein and the Pot Stickers are comparable to those from home, so if Chinese food is your thing, then Julie’s Noodles should also be your thing.

Further away from campus we have 24 Diner. Austin is literally the city of brunch (Kerbey, Vinaigrette, diners on essentially every street). My friend and I went out one Saturday morning (and after a thirty minute wait, which is exceptionally good), we both tried the infamous Chicken & Waffles. And though I thought it would be terrible (just doesn’t sound like a particularly appealing combination), I have found my new favorite brunch item. IT’S SO GOOD. AHH.

And for honorable mention, we have College Station’s (my hometown, home of the Fightin’ Texas Aggies, the George Bush Library and nothing else) very own First Watch. After coming back for break, I caught up with my friends over lunch at First Watch, which recently opened in the summer (so not really recently…) Anyways, they have some pretty good brunch items, but as it was already 1:30 p.m., we settled for the lunch special, which I got the Monterey Club sandwich and the Chicken Avocado Chopped Salad. First Watch really reminds me of the some of the Austin-area brunch places, and it’s pretty cute, so if you ever stop by C-Stat (but IDK why anyone would unless 1) you go to A&M or 2) you have family there/live there or 3) you want to visit me), make sure you stop by First Watch!

Note: So I’m really bad at remembering to take pictures before I eat (because by the time the food gets here, I’m starving and certainly not thinking of my blog or photos. Sorry, blog.) Anyways, I’ll try to remember from now on, so in another five months or so, there’ll definitely be a Semester Two of WTF (Where’s the Food)!


  1. Yum! Everything looks so good! When I was still in college, I was also lucky to have a diversity of different restaurants located in the college town- helps to be right in the heart of Los Angeles! From Thai to Persian to Mexican, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Granted, I only went out either for group gatherings or for a post-Final’s treat, since I know that eating out certainly adds up! Makes me miss college now!

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  2. I figure you can find this easily, but Kismet is now over by the HEB on Red River and 41st (I think that is the right number?). I miss when it was right by the quad, now I can’t walk over whenever! I need an excuse to check out the new place so you should come with me some time!


    1. yes definitely, as long as my bank account can handle it, haha 🙂
      and good to now that Kismet isn’t THAT far away; it’s SOOO good…will definitely have to go back again!


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