travel: more davos (switzerland, part II)

I recovered over 500 photos from my camera card, and it’d be a waste to just let them sit underneath my books, right? So here are some more hand-picked photos of the lovely town of Davos.

Small farms dot the edge of Davos.
Small farms dot the edge of Davos.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Davos is so, so beautiful. It’s just an overall nice town to spend a week or two to relax. The city isn’t big, and if you walk for a while, you’ll start seeing huge ranches with small streams following through scattered next to the foot of the mountains. The nightlife there is pretty lively as well; on Fridays, the entire city heads to the center of the town for dancing, eating and partying. If you ever stop by Switzerland, I’d highly recommend Davos, particularly if skiing or hiking is your thing!

The tops of the mountains were still covered in snow, and as you can see from one of the photos below, we found an igloo hotel! We were hiking pretty high up when we noticed huge holes in the at least six feet high snow, so we walked over and entered. Turns out, there was an entire hotel, with a bar, hotel rooms, beds and even wall decor! Next up, Zurich!



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