travel: san francisco

Ahh yes, San Francisco. They say San Fran is the home  of a little bit of everything, and I’m not going to dispute that. From food, to tourist points, to local hubs, San Fran does have a little bit of everything.

Golden Gate Bridge, take two. (and flowers)
Golden Gate Bridge, take two. (and flowers)

We spent a week in San Fran since my cousin was getting married, so we were able to spend some time visiting the city as well. Of course, we had to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, and it is such a structurally strong and beautiful bridge. Loved how the red mirrored the red flowers and leaves on the coast, and it truly stands out against the green-blue ocean.

We weren’t able to actually visit Alcatraz, the infamous abandoned prison, but maybe next time! Finally, in San Fran you have to try the Clam Chowder bread bowl, and I ended up having that for (almost) every meal because it was so good! And since we were close by, we decided to visit Stanford and Berkeley (they’re actually really close together), so below are a few photos from there too!


  1. Fantastic that you were able to spend a whole week there exploring! You’ve done a great job at capturing the city, it’s high on my travel list 😄 And still having to visit Alcatraz is just a perfect reason to go back, can’t wait to see that post!

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