travel: hong kong & beijing (china)

A few years ago, when my family went on our annual trip to China, we made a quick stop at HongKong in addition to our usual stop, Beijing. Despite being heavily polluted, both places are culturally rich, and it certainly was a wonderful experience!


In Beijing, we stopped by Wang Fu Jing, one of the most famous shopping streets in Beijing. From small souvenir shops to stores selling fried scorpions, Wang Fu Jing’s got it all. (I’ve got another post lined up with all the wonderful and weird foods of China later on!) We also went to the Great Wall (for the fourth time, actually…my dad really enjoys climbing it — we’ve actually made it the very end (at least, to where they no longer let you walk across since the wall is too damaged in some areas).

HongKong, like Beijing, is one of the financial centers of China, but unfortunately it was very foggy when we went. We did take the tram to Victoria Peak, a mountain in the western half of the island. From there, you can get a nice view of the city below. Hong Kong Island is located on the Wanshan Archipelago, a 104-island archipelago. Gondolas can take you from the main island to some of the smaller ones around, and from the gondolas, you can see workers out in the sea looking for seafood.


  1. Seems like you guys went to Beijing at one of the better times – I went in December two years ago with my classmates, and the pollution was so bad the sky was surrounded with this really thick black smog 😦 It’s also been a long time since I’ve been to Hong Kong. I’d love to see the stuff you ate in China though!

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