travel: boston (meet the city)

Last year, during my Spring Break, I returned to Boston, Massachusetts for the first time in eighteen years. My dad was a student at MIT for a few years, and I was born in the beautiful city of Boston.


It was quite the transition, though, going from almost 90 degrees-Texas to 37 degrees-Boston, but a new sweater and coat I bought beforehand came to the rescue. This city establishes the perfect balance between modernization and traditionalism, and its architecture is absolutely stunning. Most transportation consists of the train ($19 for a Charlie Ticket — very good choice!) or walking (I was averaging about 25k steps a day!!)

Anyways, we went to visit some of the old buildings that my parents either used to live in or work in, most of which were on the MIT campus. We also stopped by the hospital I was born at — apparently the number 1 ranked women’s hospital in the nation. For the rest of the trip, we visited some tourist hotspots and museums, and spent a lot of time walking through the streets, markets and Chinatown.

Below are a few of my favorite pictures of the city, and later this week, I’ll have another post dedicated to the art & life aspect of this beautiful city!


  1. It’s been almost ten years since I visited Boston. Memory’s a bit hazy, but I remember walking around the Harvard and MIT campuses, admiring but knowing that they wouldn’t be the colleges for me to enter. Also remember having one of the most amazing lobster rolls at a restaurant that claims “no name” by the harbor. Hope to revisit someday!

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