travel: boston (lifestyle & the arts)

When we weren’t roaming the streets of Boston, we headed over to some of the markets and museums. Quincy Market is a huge building filled to the brim with restaurants selling heavenly food (you’ve got to try the clam chowder and eat lots of lobster!). The Museum of Science was a highly-interactive and educational museum for people of all ages, while the Museum of Fine Arts is definitely catered more towards the artsy people who won’t get bored wandering a beautifully-designed architectural building filled with timeless pieces of art. While you’re there, book a visit to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra play; it’s not too expensive, and it’s very much worth your time.

We visited during Spring Break, but it was still freezing.
We visited during Spring Break, but it was still freezing.

Boston is home to (and close to) several top-tier higher-level institutions, like Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, Wellesley College, Boston College and Brandeis University, and we visited Harvard and MIT, which are a few miles away from each other, and both are unique campuses (with lots of tourists, of course!). The Boston Public Library is another location I’d recommend to stop by, because the building architecture (and really, all of the architecture in Boston) is stellar.

For those of y’all who like shopping more, Newbury Street is the place to go (though the items are very expensive!). If it’s raining or just very cold outside, many of the markets over by Copley Square and Prudential Center are connected, so you can wander through several malls and centers, all of which are indoors!

To conclude, Boston is a vibrant city and its deep historical background and contribution to the U.S. is subtly intertwined with the more modernized buildings, atmosphere and culture. Although a big city, most of the people are fairly down-to-earth and willing to help. Beautiful and refreshing, Boston is a city I’m proud to say I was born in, and let me know if you ever decide to go there or have already visited before!

BONUS: We (or rather, I) visited the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. After taking a semester and a half of Art History so far, I recognized several pieces, and let me tell you, that feeling is really something. The museum housed pieces by Picasso, Monet, Donatello and many more. It took me almost the whole day to tour the 4-story museum, but if you’re into art, I highly recommend stopping by for a day. The museum itself is a work of art!


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