travel: lubbock & palo duro canyon

Almost two summers ago, I was at a summer camp over at Texas Tech University (read all about it here). Like I said in my post before, it certainly wasn’t just work, work and more work. On the weekends, we would go around to the surroundings to visit all that the Panhandle/Lubbock-area had to offer.

a llama at the fourth of july parade
a llama at the fourth of july parade

Palo Duro Canyon (a two hour drive away from Lubbock) is the second largest canyon in the United States, covering over 29,182 acres in the Panhandle. More than thirty miles of trail is open for hiking, biking or horseback riding (and you’re even allowed to bring your own horse, which of course, I couldn’t…but if you want to, that option is available…) We hiked for a day, and I brought five water bottles (which I ended up drinking all of, so make sure to stay hydrated — the route up has literally zero trees). On the 4th of July, we went in town to celebrate with funnel cakes, llamas and parades!

Lubbock is located in the Texas Panhandle — it takes seven hours to drive from College Station to Lubbock, and though the town itself isn’t too impressive (tangent: to me, it was just another College Station, but don’t tell them that — those in Lubbock view us Aggies as archenemies, though I always thought U.T. was A&M’s archenemy…), the surroundings are worth checking out!


  1. D’awww, the llama is pretty cute xD It must be really nice travelling through those canyons; they seem like pretty scenic places. And the picture of the Fourth of July parade was interesting, if only because I’ve never actually seen one before.

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