recipe: double skin milk & ginger milk pudding

Double skin milk is a popular Cantonese dessert made of milk, egg whites, and sugar, and my mom absolutely loves it. It kind of reminds me of panna cotta, because it’s essentially just a velcety smooth milk custard with two skins — the first one forms when the boiled milk is cooled; the second, when the cooked custard is cooled. I’ve also included another recipe for ginger milk pudding, since the two can often be eaten together. Ginger milk pudding is another popular Cantonese dessert made from ginger, milk and sugar.

DOUBLE Skin milk PUdding

1 egg white
1 tbs of granulated sugar
100ml-120ml of whole milk (MUST be whole milk!)
  1. Pour the milk into a small saucepan, add sugar and bring slowly to the boil over low heat. Remove from heat and pour the hot milk into three individual rice bowls. Leave to cool.
  2. When a skin has formed on the surface of each bowl of the cooling milk, use a toothpick to lift up a corner of the skin just enough to gently pour the hot milk out of the corner of each bowl into a large bowl. Leave the skin that has now sagged to the bottom of each individual bowl intact.
  3. Beat the egg white and add to the milk cooling in the bowl. Stir well. Strain the mixture through a sieve to remove lumps.
  4. Pour the milk back into the individual bowls with the previous milk skin still intact. The skin will float to the top. Place the bowls of milk in a steamer. Boil water. Place the steamer over boiling water. Cover and steam for 10 minutes over medium heat.
  5. Enjoy!


40g ginger
1-1.5 tbsp sweet condensed milk
160-170ml of whole milk
  1. Grate ginger and juice it by pressing it through a fine strainer until you collect 2 tea spoon of ginger juice. Stir well the ginger juice and divide it into two bowls.
  2.  Heat milk with sugar over the lowest flame in pan. Swirl to dissolve sugar. When the temperature gets high enough (you can use a thermometer — make sure it doesn’t get above 175 F), remove the milk.
  3. Immediately pour milk to fill about 70% of the bowl. After the milk is added to the ginger juice, DO NOT move the bowl. Wait for 5 minutes, and the milk ginger mixture will be curdled. Enjoy!


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