austin: blue cat cafe

This summer, I’m spending my time here in Austin to do some research, but of course, now there’s no longer any school/homework for me to worry about, I can actually go and explore Austin on the weekends! I’ll be starting my new Explore ATX series, which will hopefully highlight some of Austin’s gems that you, if you ever get the chance to come down here to Austin, can maybe check out later yourself! First up, Blue Cat Cafe.

On the outside, Blue Cat Cafe is just your regular coffee/internet stop, with brightly colored paintings of cats on both sides of the building. Inside, though, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a dozen or more cats — some walking high up near the ceiling, some playing on the patio, some sleeping on the couches, and some just strolling and weaving through chairs.

The food here is all 100% vegan, and varies from pizzas, wraps, tacos, sandwiches and more. The three of us got the Italian grilled cheese (provolone, pesto and fire roasted tomato pressed in fresh sourdough bread), the TacoCat (two soft flour tortillas filled with Chipotle black beans, chorizo, cheddar cheeze, fresh greens, house made cilantro crema & pico de gallo) and the Spicy Mac N’ Cheese Quesadilla (spicy black bean mac n’ cheeze on four tortilla with dipping sauce).

Of course, there were coffee & really good looking desserts (cake in a jar, etc.), but the portions are pretty big, so we were all pretty full after the meal. We spent a few hours there, eating and mainly petting cats. There were 14 cats that live there, and at the cafe, they can help you in the adoption process if you’re interested in that; if not, they sell a bunch of cute items with cat/cat puns. For each visit, you’re charged $5 to pet the cats, or $3 if you choose to buy food. It’s a lovely little place not too far away from downtown, and I’d definitely recommend it as a place to study on the weekends or just relax from a long day!


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