travel: guangzhou, the food city of china (part three)

I spent about a week in Guangzhou, China, last month (which you can read all about here and here). Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, but I daresay the food there is best in the nation. There’s a popular Chinese saying — 食在广州, which literally translates to eat in Guangzhou — that best testifies to the idea that the food scene in Guangzhou is spectacular.

Below are some of the things that I got to eat there; notice that there quite a few soup dishes! Guangzhou really emphasizes having a soup dish with every meal, as it’s said to help cool the body in the hot, humid climate of the region. These pictures show the main dishes, as I took too many photos, but stay tuned for a few more posts in the next few days showing the dim-sun, desserts and seafood of Southeast China!

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