travel: guangzhou seafood galore

As both Guangzhou and Xiamen are coastal cities, we were able to eat lots of fresh seafood during our stay in these two cities. And really, the variety of the food was incredible: we not had the staple fish, shrimp and sushi but also had the opportunity to try some rather interesting items.

Among that was the Sipunculus nudus, a species of unsegmented marine worms. In Xiamen, Fujian, the species is called tǔsǔn and served as a gelatin in local restaurants. Now, I’ve eaten some questionable things, but these worms is definitely an acquired taste that I doubt I will acquire anytime soon (I ended up eating a few just for the experience; would not recommend it in any way unless you’re looking for a slimy adventure).

But besides that, we had some really delicious seafood — my favorites are the clams with noodles, salmon, any kind of fish, and an omelete-styled octupus/egg dish. Check it out below!


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