college station: master yakiniku korean bbq

Back in late May, my friends and I met up after finishing our first year of college at Master Yakiniku Korean & Japanese BBQ. Located in Bryan on S. Texas Avenue, the restaurant is a small, cozy place to get together with friends or family.

Each table has a grill in the middle, which makes for a fun time while you wait for your food to cook. For appetizers, we shared a seafood & scallion pancake, which has always been one of my favorite Korean foods. Only one of us ordered an item to be self-grilled — the bulgogi, which comes raw and must be cooked on the table top grill. The rest of us ordered various dishes: I had the bulgogi rice plate, which was served with miso soup, side vegetables & egg rolls. And while I didn’t get to grill my own bulgogi, it was certainly delicious (and we had enough fun watching our friend cook hers). I would definitely count Master Yakiniku as one of the better Asian restaurants in the B/CS area, so if you’re ever craving some Korean or Japanese food, head over to Bryan to check out Master Yakiniku.


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