austin: blue lapis light (aerial dancing)

Last weekend, one of my good friends and I decided to try something new and adventurous before the school year really started: we went aerial dancing. (Ok, more like we tried to).

Blue Lapis Light  is an aerial dance company founded by Artistic Director Sally Jacques in 2005, whose earlier works encompassed social, political, and spiritual themes. The studio is in a warehouse about twenty minutes from downtown, and consists of silks hanging from the ceiling.

I definitely came in expecting to be sore the next few days, but I didn’t expect how HARD it is to hang from a silk (like, I couldn’t even lift myself off the ground). And to be fair, the professionals always make things easier than it seems — people just dance so effortlessly in the air — that I thought that maybe I could twirl in the air. But wow, aerial dancing requires so much practice, upper arm strength and balance to be so beautiful.

The instructor there was extremely nice and helpful. Lisa made sure we were comfortable with the moves and was very encouraging to the both of us, which definitely made the experience more fun. At the end, we got to do some fun moves (i.e. flipping upside down, swinging, standing) and certainly, they weren’t very pretty when I did them, but I definitely had a blast and will be back in a few weeks again!

(featured photo from


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