austin: bouldin creek cafe

Bouldin Creek Cafe is probably my new favorite restaurant in Austin. I briefly mentioned it in one of my other Explore Austin posts, but I feel like I should do a separate post just on this cafe to do it justice.

Located on South 1st Street, Bouldin Creek Cafe actually is a vegetarian cafe (with vegan options). You definitely don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this place: I’m not a vegetarian myself (I love meat too much LMAO), but this place is SO. GOOD. This time, my friend and I went to go celebrate my birthday (I’m 20 y’all. Almost at the big one). Between the two of us, we ordered the Wanna-B.L.T.A, sourdough toast with our famous house-made tofu bacon, green leaf lettuce, locally grown tomatoes, avocado & basil aioli, and the Bello Jiafra Melt, which consists of roasted Portobello mushrooms & red bell peppers, organic baby spinach & feta cheese on grilled ciabatta bread. For dessert, we got the Taxi Driver, a warm brownie topped with an espresso shot chocolate sauce, whipped cream, & Thai ice cream.

Everything is reasonably-priced, and overall the place has a very distinct Austin vibe. It’s definitely family-friendly, and the food there is incredible — you have to try it for yourself!


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