austin: mozart’s coffee & trail of lights

It’s the middle of the summer, sure, but I like to think that anytime is an appropriate time to talk about Christmas! Austin always has a lot of things to do, but some staple events to do over the Christmas holidays are definitely to check out the Trail of Lights and visit Mozart’s Coffee for a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate and look at the Christmas light show.

Trail of Lights, first known as the “Yule Fest,” was a gift to Austin from the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. Since the 52 years it’s been around, it’s now grown into one of the largest Christmas events in Austin, filled with displays lights and holiday activities.

Mozart’s Coffee is somewhere I frequently go to study, and has an outdoor patio that overlooks Lake Austin. They have really good drinks (and if coffee isn’t your thing, my friend can attest to the fact that their hot chocolate is pretty incredible too) and a huge variety of desserts. During the Christmas holidays, they have beautiful lights and a show that happens every half hour, where the lights and the music are in sync. Mozart’s been around since 1993, and was the first coffee shop in Austin to roast in-house and the first to offer free wifi, haha. Parking is readily available, and it’s a great place to go for a date, a study break (or to study) or just to relax.

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