travel: fredericksburg, texas wineries & vineyards

Fredericksburg, Texas is located about an hour and a half out from Austin, and is actually named after Prince Frederick of Prussia, and most of the town are descended from German settlers.

On the Main Street, you’ll find a number of small shops, such as antique stores, chocolate stores and much more. It’s definitely a good way to spend a day exploring the small town and visit some of their museums (i.e. National Museum of the Pacific War.)

Just around Fredericksburg, though, you’ll find some of Texas’ best vineyards and wineries. If wine-tasting is your thing, or you’d just like to have a nice weekend trip to these wineries to have a picnic, drink some wine and chat with friends, I’d highly suggest taking a trip out to the various wineries — try out a couple of them! Remember to make sure you have a designated driver, bring lots of sunscreen, and if your kids tag along, something for them to do (speaking off, one of the wineries has an animal farm for the kids to visit!)


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