austin: iron works & the texas barbeque culture

Austin (and really, Texas in general) is known for its famous BBQ spots, such as Franklin’s (where lines can get up to seven hours long), Stiles Switch, and Iron Works. During finals week, my friends and I went out to Iron Works for a break from studying, and it is definitely worth the hype (and very quick service too!)

Iron Works was originally (as the name suggests) an Iron Work shop that was later converted into a BBQ place back in the late 70s. Even at 9 pm, the place was bustling, and the service was exceptionally fast (you walk up to the counter, order your food, and it gets to you in about a minute or so!). Mac and cheese and potato salad are the staple sides for me, so I ordered those with the Beef Brisket and a Mexican Coke. Would definitely suggest this place if you ever stop by Austin (or even if you’re from around), because Iron Works is certainly quite the epitome of Texas barbeque.


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