college station: razzoo’s cajun cafe

Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe was started in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 1991, and has since expanded all over Texas, including to College Station! I don’t recall it seeing it before leaving for Austin last fall (or maybe it was already there…), so this summer was the first time that my parents and I went together (they’d gone a few times earlier this year).

Before they got there, they warned me that the dishes were pretty spicy (though to be fair, they both have a low tolerance for spicy food). I didn’t find my food particularly spicy, though one of the sauces did force me to drink my entire glass of water.The restaurant had a very comfortable and “cajun” feel to it. Overall, the food was served quickly, in a pretty large portion, and was extremely delicious!

Salad & Gumbeaux: famous chopped salad alongside seafood or chicken & sausage gumbo

Pecan Catfish: fried catfish filet over white rice with tangy sweet praline meuniere sauce

Hurricane Shrimp: fried butterflied shrimp over white rice with a side of honey-pepper Hurricane sauce & garlic toast




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