recipe: pork belly & shiitake mushroom shu mai (烧卖)

Shu mai (烧卖) is probably one of my top three favorite dim sum items, so here's our family recipe to share with you guys! They're a part of the dumpling family, but are open-faced so you can see all the goodness inside!

austin restaurant review: emmer & rye

Tucked into a cute corner on Rainey St. is Emmer & Rye. You can think of them as a mix between a farm-to-table and dim-sum style restaurant, so the menu is constantly changing. They’ve taken dim sum (which means little eats in Cantonese) to encompass any sort of small dishes, offered on carts that are pushed around, where waiters will come up and ask if you’re interested in any of the items. Now, I think that’s a phenomenal idea, and a great way to incorporate this fun aspect of southern Chinese cuisine into American cuisine.