dallas: big things happen here

Dallas, Texas is the home of one tall boy named Michael. Back in Michael’s old days (the early 2000s lol), he didn’t experience a very vibrant food scene in the big city, but it was a fun place for his young’un days and he found amazing TexMex, steakhouses and hole-in-the-wall places. Since then, Michael has witnessed Dallas’ food explosion – there’s fusion cooking, more cultural cuisine and even more one of a kind restaurants. And with that growth, Michael has expanded his palate and continued his search for wonderful food.

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dallas: hillstone restaurant

Hillstone Restaurant is a tried and true steakhouse in University Park, Dallas. I normally eat here for a weekend lunch every once in a while. However, it doesn’t matter if I’m coming in for lunch or dinner or whatever day I’m here – the food has always been high-quality.

dallas: nobu

After dining here a few times, I can confidently say that Nobu has some nice food, but I am not going to lie to you – Nobu is a straight-up DINING EXPERIENCE.

dallas: R+D kitchen

R+D Kitchen lies right across a personal favorite of mine – Hillstone. These upscale restaurants are not only in the same relaxing, homey environment, but they also share the same nice and expansive parking lot. So you and your homies can come whenever and valet won’t be necessary here.

Dallas Coffee Review: Window Seat

Window Seat is Dallas’ new coffee shop, and as its name suggests, it’s here to “capture that special feeling you get in anticipation of going on an exciting trip.” Here is our review!

dallas: imoto

Have you guys ever tried a Pan-Asian restaurant? You know, a place that focuses on cuisine from all across Asia? Because I had not until I visited Imoto. And I can say Imoto not only focuses on diverse Asian food but also cares about creating delicious Asian food with a modern spin.