college station: fusion peru

One of my good friends and I decided to catch up during the last week of summer before school started, and she mentioned there was a really good Peruvian restaurant that she’d heard of in College Station. Of course, both of us being food lovers, we decided to try Fusion Peru, located in the mall at the intersection of Texas Avenue and Southwest Parkway.

Fusion Peru, I believe, was originally a food truck before it moved into its new, quaint little restaurant. We didn’t go during prime eating hours, so there weren’t many people, but the servers were incredibly sweet and nice.

There were so many things on the menu to choose from, but I ended up choosing the Machu Picchu burger, which consisted of beef marinated in Peruvian spices with American cheese, tomato, lettuce, a fried egg & additional Peruvian sauces. And wow was it delicious — the sauces certainly takes the flavor to whole new level, and the fried egg just made everything better.

My friend ordered the Seco a la Nortena (above), which was beef stew accompanied with rice and Peruvian beans; her dish looked equally delicious!

Fusion Peru, as the name suggests, combines both traditional Peruvian flavors with a dash of American, and it does an incredible job! Would definitely have to go back to try more items off the menu. 🙂


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