houston: anonymous cafe review

From late night papers to morning pick-me-ups, the classic cold brew stood there to make sure I was not only awake but also focused and alert. In short, you could say cold brew has been my strongest supporter (sorry Annie!). 

So it’s noteworthy for me to say that I have crowned arguably the best cold brew in my new home of Houston, Texas – Anonymous Cafe

Anonymous Cafe is one of the few remaining Mom & Pop shops left out there, and indeed, you definitely feel a homey affection and comfort upon entering the cafe. There’s just something charming once you look around the Cafe: the distinct, yet fun interior design; the wonderful display of desserts; and the sweet coffee makers all bring on such a cool feeling. And while the interior is very nice, it is the people of Anonymous that make it so special. The owners of Anonymous (Tasos and Patricia) are a Greek husband and wife duo who love their food, and especially their coffee 😏. They have done an amazing job of expressing delicious savory and sweet Greek food in Houston. So enough chit chat, let’s talk about the food and coffee here!

Let’s start where we left off – the cold brew. Anonymous offers a regular cold brew that itself is fantastic, but in my opinion, their nitro cold brew is far more compelling. In Patricia’s own words, “the nitro makes it so creamy that you don’t even need creamer for it!” I wholeheartedly agree. As someone who likes his cold brew black, the nitro makes me even more partial towards black coffee. Now everytime I go to Anonymous Cafe, I just have to get their nitro cold brew. Simply put, the nitro cold brew at Anonymous Cafe is amazeballs. 

It’s obvious I love the coffee at Anonymous; however, they’re more than just a place for coffee. They offer artisan bites from nuanced desserts to awesome savory dishes. Their Belgian Chicken and Waffles is a must try, because I mean, how can you resist hand-breaded fried chicken with crispy Belgian waffles? Moreover, their Hungry Hoagie is a great breakfast – with delicious scrambled eggs, feta cheese and bell peppers, it’s a healthy, hearty segue to your day. My medical student classmate (Hi, Daniel!) loved it and thought it was a great intro to the Houston food scene. 

The desserts at Anonymous are to die-for. Their Lemon Tart is scrumptious; it has just the right amount of tartness that works together with, rather than against, the sweetness of the crust. The Tiramisu here is simply amazing. It’s a moist cake that hits the cake spot right; the coffee flavor is straight up delish for me as well. Lastly, the Ferrero Rocher dessert is such a unique dessert with an awesome design. It’s composed of decadent chocolate mousse topped with a ferrero rocher chocolate, and it is phenomenal. 

Anonymous has more classic American foods that are wonderfully tasty; they have cheeseburgers, french fries, carrot cake, and so much more!  

I’ve written a lot about the American-style cuisine at Anonymous, but now let’s chat about the Greek food here. I never really have had Greek food, let alone authentic or good Greek food. Anonymous accomplished those tasks for me with flying colors! They have souvlaki – small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer. That sounds like an awesome meal anyhow, right? Furthermore, they have pita bread, tyropita, bougatsant, and many more Greek dishes, many of which are worthwhile. 

But what takes the cake for me is their Ekmeck Kaitaifi – their #1 selling dessert. Ecmeck Kaitaifi is a staple Greek dessert; it is made with multiple layers of kataifi dough, which is baked until golden and crisp. Then, it’s washed in lemon syrup and crowned with some great custard and whipped cream. Finally, it’s garnished with cinnamon and pistachios.  

I’ve talked a lot about the high quality of Anonymous — from its American treats and amazeballs nitro cold brew to quintessential Greek desserts, Anonymous has it all. But most of all, Anonymous does it all well. 

So please, do yourself this favor and visit Anonymous Cafe if you catch yourself in Houston!

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