The Ultimate 2-liner Guide to Austin Food & Coffee

A HMHS X Food With Sorin Collaboration

It’s the question we all have: where to eat next?

After all, Austin’s food scene can have you fine-dining right next door to the best taco truck in the world.

So — here’s our guide to Austin. In two lines each, we review over 160 Austin restaurants and coffee shops. From our favorite orders, to parking advice, to which coffee shop you probably want to go to finish your 10 page paper at 11 p.m., we’ve tried to cover it all.

After all, this guide is from UT students, to UT students (and other people too, if you care for meme-but-legit quick reviews).

$ = affordable/for the proletariat  
$$ = nicer 
$$$ = high-end 
$$$$ = bourgeoisie

HH = good for happy hour deals!
GG = Good-for-Groups (studying)
GY = Good-by-Yourself (studying)

To add to the list, feel free to email your own 2-liner to We will credit every contributor (if provided with name).

Additional Contributors:

Erika S.

Elizabeth R.

Ann Y.

Mik K.-I.

Zoe d. B.

Search by Cuisine Type


24 Diner ($$): open 24 hours, very popular so often long waits; very veggie-friendly; veggie hash is delicious but expensive; good slightly upscale twist on 24 hour breakfast diners

Anthem ($$): nice, scenic place on Rainey; was advertised as an awesome upcoming restaurant, but it was more or less decent; parking is hard and service is hit or miss 

Bouldin Creek Cafe ($): entire menu is vegan/i’m not vegan but this place is absolutely amazing (like you can’t tell the taste is different) and well-priced

Ciclo ($$$): in the 4 Seasons, so it’s boujee af; food is high quality, but not v unique; brunch is good; sunday brunch is decadent buffet; service is v nice most of the time; need to get $11 valet

Cookbook ATX ($$): cafe in the Austin Central Library; nothing too fancy, but decent food, pastries and coffee after some hardcore studying sounds great to me; views are also awesome

Corner ($$, HH): on Congress, pretty spacious seating; appetizers are very reasonably priced during HH (and good); shorts ribs & shrimp & grits are good

Dirty Martin’s Place ($, HH): not terribly crowded, been here since 1926(!), greasy as their motto says but their burgers really are good as well as the malts

Eberly ($$$, HH): has a very aesthetic dining room, parking may be difficult, tartare is good; if you come for brunch, reasonably priced and v good

Emmer & Rye ($$$, black-owned business,  HH): fun place on Rainey; food is American twist on Dim Sum; Johnny Cakes and the pork chop are good; lively atmosphere; parking costs $$

Fixe Southern House ($$, HH): downtown (we parked at Whole Foods lol free parking), good burgers, desserts really yummy

Hank’s ($$): coffee shop and restaurant together; decently good brunch and photogenic interior; coffee shop is good to study in and has a small plate menu that’s expensive but good

High Note ($$): healthy dining, service wasn’t the best and food isn’t exactly standout-ish 

Irene’s ($$, HH): fun, cute spot in downtown; fried chicken is good and the portions are big; the neon Irene’s sign is quite photogenic, would recommend; great brunch spot

Iron Works BBQ ($$): order upfront, short wait, great taste; can order sandwiches or BBQ plates with variety of meats (can also order by the pound)

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill ($$$): southern cuisine; chicken fried steak and chicken & waffles are fantastic; very indulgent food; no reservations, so wait will be long no doubt; friendly staff

Mour Cafe ($): nice cozy location near Riverside, lots of reasonably priced items (dishes are a lot of Mexican fusion dishes, but also fried rice and fish & chips — lots of variety)

Odd Duck ($$$): small bites place; quail and sourdough good af; brown butter banana pudding is to die-for; probs need reservation; valet; small dishes may not satisfy some, but they’re good  

Parkside ($$, HH): incredible HH deals ($16/dozen oysters on Wed; everything 1/2 off from 5-6pm); a lot of fried food but drinks are good; on 6th so parking is difficult

Poke Bowl ($): on Guad, build-your-own poke bowl with 3 proteins for ~ $12, decent variety of protein & add-ons; they also have pre-made bowls but limited options

Ranch Hand ($$): environmentally-conscious and healthy food located by Creature Coffee; can study and eat here; vegetarian and vegan options available

Red River Cafe ($): A cheaper version of Kerbey. The decor and service aren’t as good, but the food is still great and it’s almost never crowded.

Rosewood Restaurant ($$$, HH): located in a literal mansion in East Austin, so reserve before going; food is tasty but portions are really small so adds up in price

Salty Sow ($$$, HH): hidden gem imo; many good dishes (deviled eggs, salmon rillette and honey fried chicken are so good), close to campus and doesn’t really need reservations

Second Bar + Kitchen ($$$): downtown at — you guessed it, 2nd St; cozy seating but service is a bit slow; they recommend ordering some small and large plates, so good variety

Sour Duck Market ($$, GY): Odd Duck cousin, a cafe/market place you can study at; burger and dirty fried rice are great; good coffee (mexicano latte is awesome); decent parking

Swift’s Attic ($$, HH): on Congress so parking is a pain; fun fusion food (lots of Asian influence) their squid fries are to die for; fun cocktails; don’t trip on stairs (this needs to be said)

True Food Kitchen ($$): right next to the APL, great for after a study session; healthy options & seasonal menu (pro tip: if you leave when the library closes, you don’t have to pay for parking)

Vigilante Boardgames and Gastropub ($$): $5 entry free for unlimited board games. nerdy decor. American diner food ($12 for a 3 mini course meal). drag shows on the weekends.

III Forks ($$$$): the epitome of steakhouse; good drinks and boujee food; chicken-fried lobster is great; steak is good; decadent desserts; honestly too boujee, but a good place to try

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Bakery Lorraine ($$): most aesthetic brunch spot in the Domain, huge array of bakery items; make sure to get there early to get seating during weekends. Get their shrimp & grits!  

Bird Bird Biscuit (black-owned business, $$): specialty fried chicken sandwiches that are amazing; Queen Beak and Chicken Holiday are v good; limited parking; imo an awesome place

Cafe No Se ($$$): make a reservation; on SoCo but you can pay for garage parking if needed; quite expensive but tasty; menu changes around a bunch but good avocado toast

Clark’s Oyster Bar ($$$): fresh and quality seafood; clam chowder and oysters are good af; lobster roll is awesome, tho pricey; very limited parking and not much space; nice service

Counter Cafe ($): multiple locations including near campus; huge and tasty pancakes; were still working out service kinks when I went but should get better, pricier than Kerbey but tastes better

épicerie ($$): beautiful setting and building, very instagram friendly, Southern-French fusion brunch food is delicious but portions are quite small

Hotel Ella/Goodall’s Kitchen ($$$): fancy brunch spot walking distance from campus. ask your parents to treat you to some crab bennys or ricotta pancakes lol

Josephine House ($$$): cute vibes, small with limited parking (but there is street parking), make a reservation, expensive but high quality breakfast food, great avocado toast

Kerbey Lane ($): open all day, come here for some queso and pancakes after a 10 pm physics exam; wait can be long; they give free pancakes for your birthday 

Launderette ($$): aesthetic brunch spot; buttermilk pancakes and salmon gravlax are awesome; plenty of parking in and around; wait time can be very long, so come early/reserve

Magnolia Cafe ($): only one of the locations is still open; similar to Kerbey but a little more expensive and higher quality as a result; a classic 24 hour diner that lives up to the hype

Nate’s Baked Goods ($, GY): really tiny cafe w/ wifi, interesting toasts (avocado and apple is quite good), pastries are tasty and cater to various dietary restrictions, limited parking in back

Pacha ($): cute counter service cafe with massive pancakes, funky Austin-esque interior, just order a pancake they’re amazing; some interesting specialty coffee drinks that aren’t very good

Paperboy ($): food truck by Merit on South Lamar; mainly Southern food with some other influences like Asian; food was p salty when i tried; they shared parking and seating with Merit 

Rosedale Kitchen and Bar ($$): they have a fun fruity pebbles toast, lots of seating and good parking; also good dinner option (their crab + crisps is really good)

Snooze ($): gets crowded so prepare for wait; extremely indulgent pancakes with tons of toppings, easy to get sugar overload but it’s a good indulgence at times

Swedish Hill ($$, HH): deli/cafe/bakery with literally everything (fun charcuterie boards, build your own sandwich); adorable location by parking on 6th is a mess; good pastries

Texas French Bread ($$): expensive but close to campus; counter service on weekdays; great French toast but on the pricey side. if you stay until closing, they give you a bunch of free bread.

Waltons Fancy and Staple ($$): downtown, so parking is difficult; neat atmosphere and pretty good food; their desserts are a bit better than breakfast

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Bao’d Up ($): one located right in West Campus, pretty filling and good deals for a quick meal; bunch of different baos and options and cool pick-up station

China Family ($): wholesome Chinese food and good portions; eggplant with garlic sauce is awesome; on Guad so convenient but really hot during the summer; fast service

Coco’s Cafe ($): decent boba place with decent Asian food (beef noodle soup is nice); i also like their smoothie boba options

Julie’s Handmade Noodles ($): food truck on 26th/Rio; well-priced and good portions and the noodles are pretty good (and dumplings)

Lin’s Asian Bar + Dim Sum ($$$, HH): high-end dimsum; soup dumplings, shrimp har gow are fantastic and mushroom bao are good; small place and overpriced portions; hit or miss service

New Fortune Dim Sum ($): good, classic dimsum dishes and best value in ATX; can be long wait on weekends, so go early (10-11AM); pretty good service; overall delicious and fulfilling

Pinch ($): food truck near campus but lowkey they’ve never been open every time I passed? But the one time they were, the food is good and well-priced (fried chicken bento is best)

Wu Chow ($$$): high-end Chinese food; eggplant is good; small portions; hard to get table at times; nice service; need to pay for parking

Xian Noodles ($): two locations; hand-pulled noodles are delicious and well priced, I haven’t tried anything else here because the noodles are reliably great; hit/miss service

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Austin Java ($): decent downtown place for food and coffee; good place to stop for a quick bite and/or coffee; loud interior; no parking; cold brew was nice; downtown views are nice

Cafe Medici ($, GG): multiple locations (Springdale one is nice); also one on Guad so convenient to study, but crowded oftentimes; decent coffee with nice assortment of pastries; service is nice

Cherrywood Coffee ($, GG): full food menu (artist burger is amazing), lots of seating, open until midnight, pretty good coffee, music selection can be questionable esp late at night

Civil Goat ($$): really far (near Bee Cave) but worth it for the occasional escape; the owners have a baby goat you can meet; amazing coffee and cute seating, gorgeous setting in hills

Coffee & Crisp ($, GY): Domain location; kind of small but nice vibes; coffee is fine but not great; pretty good study spot but the afternoon sun might blind you

Coffee Shark ($): another far-out spot in northwest Austin; lovely hill views; mediocre coffee but good food and pastries; good if you want a change but might be full of high school students

Cosmic Coffee ($$): similar to Radio with huge outdoor space; becomes a 21+ only craft beer garden at night; food trucks on site; feels a little otherworldly 

Craftwork Coffee ($, GY): also in Domain, so seating is extremely limited; simple coffee options but still good

Creature Coffee ($$$, GG): our personal favorite; amazing specialty lattes (stroopwafel) but pricey, good parking and food options next door; perfect for a day-long study session

Cuvee Coffee ($): funky vibes; awkwardly designed parking (there’s enough but it’s hard to get into); excellent vanilla latte; when the weather is nice the front is usually kept open; a bit dark

Epoch ($, GY): open 24 hours, funky vibe with lots of seating, big parking lot but still often full, gets filled up late at night; great for working, get iced mojo (or half mojo if you want it stronger)

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors ($$, GY): excellent coffee, find street parking nearby, small but cute space, lots of outlets, one of the few places where I would order just a straight espresso

Flat Track Coffee ($$): shares space with a bike shop; don’t park at the gas station (they tow); industrial vibes with lots of plants; great coffee, horchata latte is amazing; communal tables

Flightpath ($, GG): open until 11pm, street parking, great study spot with big tables and outlets; New Orleans iced coffee is good; Tacodeli tacos in the mornings; patio is smoking-permitted

Greater Goods Coffee ($$, GY): gorgeous bright and airy space and amazing coffee; great specialty drinks; lots of parking; seating arrangement is a little awkward; great for the ‘gram

Houndstooth ($$, GY): 3 locations; east MLK is best for studying; really good coffee and strong classy vibes; locations all have limited outlets and somewhat uncomfortable seating

Levercraft ($): coffee trailer next to a taco trailer; basically no inside seating, this is not a place to go to do work; fantastic coffee and the nicest staff; interesting drinks (espresso lemonade)

Lucky Lab ($, GG): probably the first coffee place you’ll go to at UT before you branch out. Thai brew is v. good; the location on 24th has room to study but WiFi is a total wreck.

Manana ($$): located on SoCo so parking is tricky; next to Cafe No Se; really nice summery vibes; fantastic pastries and juices as well as coffee; limited space but very aesthetic

Merit ($$, GY): ~3 locations with little parking; mediocre coffee (too diluted); awesome donuts that hit the spot for sugar cravings; study spots are nice and cozy, but often too crowded

Monkey Nest ($, GY): open 24 hours; seating can feel very cramped and the coffee is not that good; the only real advantage of going here is that it’s the least crowded of the three 24hour options

Mozart’s ($, GG): usually don’t come here if you’re trying to get ~good~ coffee but they have an amazing Christmas lights displays and cute winter drn

Once Over Coffee Bar ($, GG): somewhat limited parking; good indoor and patio seating with creek view; excellent atmosphere for studying; friendly staff 

Patika ($$, GY): bright and airy, lots of parking; full breakfast and lunch menu; very unique pastries (I had a raspberry jalapeno scone here); seating tends to fill up

Radio Coffee ($$, GG): coffee shop by day, beer garden by night; massive outdoor space with two food trucks; a great place to spend a full day working/hanging out; coffee itself is fine

Revival ($$): small space; has a piano inside although you can’t play it, lots of squishy sofas and armchairs; excellent coffee; next to Prohibition Creamery (spiked ice creams)

Sa-Ten ($$, GY): two locations (I prefer the one on Airport); interesting Asian-style specialty drinks; full modern Japanese food menu so you can eat dinner here; peaceful atmosphere

Seventh Flag ($$, GY): bagels here are to die-for (egg wash especially); decent coffee; very limited parking and seating, but cozy study spot; seating is not very comfortable; service is nice

Spokesman ($$): far south location (in an industrial area); strong Austin vibes incl indoor bike rack; decent coffee but great study/hangout spot; far away from the student crowds

Stouthaus ($$, GY): another far south location; it’s honestly not really worth it to come here specifically but if you are already in southwest Austin check it out; great coffee and cozy space

Summer Moon ($, GG): multiple locations; anything with moon milk (proprietary spiced milk blend) is very sweet (I can only handle a ¼ moon at most); usually good study atmosphere

Texas Coffee Traders ($): they have locations in GDC and PMA on campus and a store in East Austin; very limited seating in East Austin store but go here to buy coffee beans for home

Thunderbird ($$, GG): lots of seating but gets crowded; Thai iced coffee is fantastic; excellent study spot if you can find a table; parking lot is usually full but check the street next to it

Wright Bros Brew & Brew ($$): street parking can be hard to find; small but aesthetic location; excellent coffee and interesting bagel preparations; avocado toast bagel is great

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Amy’s Ice Cream ($$): fun place for ice cream, day or night; the boozy flavors are so good and the best imo; spacious interior with good parking normally; milkshake options are available too

Baked Bear ($$): custom ice cream sandwiches (like CCC below); gooey butter cake cookie + bear batter ice cream is a quality combo; located near the APL

Cold Cookie Company ($): food truck in West Campus has lots of fun options; always open so come here to celebrate passing a test or something (ice cream and cookies are A+)

Dolce Neve Gelato ($$): fantastic gelato w/ rotating menu on South 1st Street which is a fun shopping area; they have sorbets as well so vegan-friendly; crema dolce neve flavour is great

Fluff Meringues & More ($$): light afternoon tea is a lot of food. could be better balanced with more savory treats bc it’s all sweet stuff (the steeping room has a good alternative); savory hand pie is flaky & delicious

Insomnia Cookies ($): very nice cookies for UT kiddos; on 24th, so much easier to access than Tiff’s for UT students; chocolate chip is great here, other selections also good

La Patisserie ($$): pastry shop with great cakes; two locations although I’ve only been to one; get some interestingly-flavoured macarons

Lick Honest Ice Cream ($$): best ice cream in ATX; multiple locations; so many good and interesting flavors (sample to find your favorite); parking can be hard and lines can be long

Mango Mango Dessert ($, GG): in West Campus; good place to do some studying and to get a good array of crepes and Asian desserts

Prohibition Creamery ($$): hidden gem in East Austin. bar/ice cream shop; boozy (& bougie) or non-alcoholic ice cream. they have v. good charcoal ice cream (& funky options). very photogenic

Tiff’s Treats ($): the OG cookies at UT; fantastic chocolate chip and sugar cookies; delivery takes forever esp. at night; add wholesome notes to cookie boxes

Tiny’s Milk & Cookies ($$): personally, their chocolate chip cookie is the best out of all options here (super gooey & chocolately). located on 35th; walk up coffee shop/bakery (sugar cookie isn’t stellar tho)

Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery ($): perfect if you live in North Campus, great cupcakes (huge varieties, like cookie dough cupcakes), but not ideal for studying

85C Bakery ($): Asian-style chain bakery; sea salt iced coffee is great; tons of sweet bread options and delicious cakes, egg tarts are delicious, lots of space but a bit too noisy to study

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Clay Pit ($$): the more expensive/”fancier” version of Teji’s, still not authentic and longer waits; lunch buffet can sometimes be worth it 

G’Raj Mahal ($$, GG): modern Indian restaurant on Rainey; difficult to park here; lots of outdoor space with great vibes; modern reimagining of Indian food so it’s not traditional but tasty 

Suprabhat ($): no-frills Indian restaurant in North Austin; really good South Indian food, one of the only places in town with good South Indian food; mediocre service and far away

Teji’s Indian ($): not authentic but the korma, biryani and naan are still good; big portions and wait time is reasonable

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Gino’s Vino Osteria ($$): smaller, more intimate place; high-quality pasta and delicious Italian food; nice staff and eccentric owner; good for a date night ;); easy to get parking

Ill Brutto ($$$): mix-and-match appetizers; needs reservation, difficult parking. squid ink pasta & pizzas are incredible. free limoncello at the end. best desserts (don’t try the strawberry tomato tho). vegan pasta

Juniper ($$$$, HH): awesome wine selection; metaballs and fluffy potatoes are so good here; bucatini is a classic, but all pasta here is good; good service; complimentary valet service

l’oco d’ora ($$$, HH): lovely food; the seasonal beet risotto is probs our fave dish in ATX; polpette and malfadini are good; in beautiful Muller; pay for parking and no phone service for us oddly

Mandola’s Italian ($$): counter service, pretty casual, pretty good selection but quality isn’t amazing; great dessert and gelato; located in the Triangle so nice area to hang out

Mozzo ($): located inside the Union, super convenient and lines aren’t as long as Chick-fil-a; build your own pasta bowl; can be super oily but portions are good

North Italia ($$, HH): good salads & the prosciutto pizza is good; 1 located in Domain and another near APL; squid ink mafaldine is fun to try

Olive & June ($$$): beautiful interior; risotto is nice, otherwise not the most stand-out place for Italian but we’re biased towards to the 3 places above; plenty parking and hit-or-miss service

Patrizi’s ($): decent Italian food for a good price. They own a foodtruck they use as their kitchen, but it’s an outdoor patio with restaurant waitstaff (and electric fans for cooling things down). Dogs welcome!

Uncle Nicky’s ($): convenient north campus location, great sandwiches and toasts, lots of outdoor seating, they also have gelato and coffee; very casual and vibey

Vespaio ($$$/enoteca $$): on SoCo but reserved parking, old-style upscale interior, delicious gnocchi and pastas, get a dessert, has enoteca next to it which is more casual but still amazing

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Dip Dip Tatsuya ($$$$): “personal hotpot”, fun experience but overpriced; egg truffle dip is a must; wagyu beef is perf, otherwise choose your fave meats; service is okay; need reservation

Don Japanese Food Truck ($): every UT student’s fave food truck; good toppings (egg and fish katsu are a must); pork don is a classic, but other items also good; lines too long all the time

Haru Sushi ($$): cheese don katsu is incredible; the donburi (esp. Sashimi bibimbap) is worth it if you split with a few friends

Jinya ($$, GY): veggie-friendly ramen shop at the domain; often very crowded but the ramen is great; lots of counter seating and communal tables

Kome ($$): balance of fresh and savory foods (a sushi roll for everybody’s taste). good portions & good for sharing. eel and takoyaki are v. yum; very reasonably priced for great food and great for special occassions

Ramen Tatsuya ($$): all ramen dishes are pretty good, but tsukemen is best by far; appetizers are decent; tasty drinks; the wait can be up to an hour long, so go early; loud environment

Ten Ten ($$$,  HH): small bites & sushi; hokkai and scallop, salmon maki are tasty; sesame cheesecake is really good; is downtown, so no parking; nice service; get reservation or go early 

Uchi ($$$$): sister of uchiko, but has more of a party vibe (imo uchiko>uchi); menu is different but still great sushi and other dishes; otherwise the same as uchiko in terms of service and wait

Uchiko ($$$$, HH): awesome sushi; take nabe dish is great; fried milk dessert is to die-for; nice waiters; best way to get a table is get there before they open (5PM); otherwise hard to get table

Uroko ($$$): surprisingly nice sushi handrolls (can’t go wrong with most selections); is in a mall-like complex, so parking won’t be an issue; plenty seating, so can study and eat here

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Charm Korean BBQ ($$): can get really busy but this is the place to go for kbbq! AYCE can be p expensive but the meats are all so so good and the sides are just as good

Chi’lantro ($): basically Korean fusion Chipotle with same ordering style; food is pretty decent and quick, it’s not the best food you’ll ever have but sometimes it really hits the spot

K-Bop ($): near campus, bibimbap & beef bulgogi bowls are must gets; you can also get boba here but not as good as KFT or Coco’s cafe boba

Oma’s Kitchen ($): large portions; pork bulgogi with fried rice is fantastic; wholesome owners; on-campus so very convenient; inconsistent service depending on cashier (can get order wrong)

Oseyo ($$$, GG): upscale Korean food; very pretty atmosphere and great (if not spicy enough) food; main courses come with vegetable side dishes (banchan) so good to share w/ group

Peached Tortilla ($$$, GG, HH): upscale modern Asian fusion place (not just Korean); very cute interior; make a reservation if you can; try to go for ramen night

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Cava ($): like Chipotle-format but for Mediterranean food and more healthy options; dips and spreads are really good; convenient (on Guad) and reasonably priced

Daphne’s? Noon’s? Vert’s? ($): changed names so many times idk why? The food is convenient on Guad, but not the best (like a Cava wannabe)

Halal Bros ($): a staple for UT students; large portions and just good food; gyro over rice is a fave; only 2 parking spots, so gotta walk here or risk getting towed at In-n-Out

Kismet ($): P17 is the way to go; now located near the HEB on Red River so you can come here when you get groceries; large portions

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Aurora Venezuelan Food ($): not Mexican but Venezuelan food truck; huge portions and friendly service; located in Domain; cachapas and arepas are really good

Cafe Hornitos ($, HH): love the service (super nice); close to campus and more-or-less authentic; vegetarian options available; good portions and inexpensive

Cabo Bob’s Burritos ($): best burritos in Texas; crispy fish is the best protein; hot sauce is good; hard to get parking and usually long wait, but can order ahead online; overall high-quality

Taco Deli ($$): locations around Austin; tons of veggie options, but the breakfast tacos are the best; really good salsas and hot sauces

Taco Joint ($): good and quick service, migas tacos are the BEST but all the other options are equally good (breakfast tacos are classic)

Torchy’s Tacos ($$): near campus, but c’mon, we all know you don’t come here for quality tacos. But you can come for their queso

Tyson’s Tacos ($$): food truck with some of the tastiest tacos in ATX; crispy duck is my fave; $11.99 can get you 3 tacos + rice & beans; nice drinks too

Veracruz All Natural ($): food truck, one of ATX’s iconic breakfast taco spots; best migas in town and possibly anywhere; really excellent all around, more traditional than most others here

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Home Slice ($): good af pizza; huge slices at a good price, margherita & white pie are stellar; wait can be very long

Pinthouse ($$): best pizza place in ATX; honey pear is the best pizza I’ve had in Texas; other items have been good as well, tho pricey; hard to park at and can be a very long wait

Pizza Press ($$): build your own pizza named after newspapers; thin-crust pizza and usually lasts about two meals unless you skipped lunch

Roppolo’s Pizzeria ($): one located on Guad (another on 6th); big slices and overall pretty good; super convenient and pizza rolls decent

Via 313 ($$): Chicago deep dish but not really worth it; takes a while to get your food

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Madam Mam’s ($): good pad thai & stir-fried noodles, close to campus so convenient, big portions, LONG waits during peak hours and service isn’t the best

Sap ($): similar to Madam Mam’s in general but much larger and more expansive menu; vegetarians watch out for fish sauce (it’s not listed on the menu but is in almost everything)

Sway ($$$,  HH): good food, pretty spicy, but small portions and expensive; you probably don’t want to pay $4 for a piece of tofu though

Thai-Kun ($$): sit-down location at Domain Northside + downtown food truck; uncommon Thai foods that you can’t really get elsewhere; Very Spicy and a bit overpriced for the portion size

Titaya ($$): slightly odd location but gorgeous inside and amazing Thai food; they serve Thai hot pot which is rare in atx; ginger stir fry is a must but everything here is delicious

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Elizabeth St. Cafe ($$): French-vietnamese fusion food, cute & aesthetic bakery, banh mi really good but come early for brunch 

Le Bleu ($$): fairly generic Vietnamese restaurant; the banh mi is the same as Saigon Le Vendeur and is really good but is more expensive here so just go there; other dishes are decent

Pho Please ($, GG): counter-service vegetarian-friendly Vietnamese food + bubble tea; banh mi is great for lunch and pretty large for the price; minimal service and self-serve toppings

Saigon Le Vendeur ($): food truck by railroad track, there are 2 parking spots so find street parking; delicious banh mi; really good + cheap (you can also get their banh mi at Le Bleu)

UTea Pho ($, GG): walking distance from campus, quick and cheap but still great especially w/ friends, lots of communal seating and nice service; basil fried rice is delicious

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