college station: small but sweet

The small city of College Station is home to a smaller girl called Annie. Growing up in the small Texan city was surely an uneventful upbringing. But it was a calm, quiet and fun childhood for her, and while the food options were a bit limited, they were a good introduction to the world around her.

Latest Blog Posts

  • college station: the tipsy bean
    “The Tipsy Bean — Wine and Coffee Bar” serves a variety of coffee, red wine, white wine, rose, cheese boards, craft beers and pastries.
  • college station: master yakiniku korean bbq
    I would definitely count Master Yakiniku as one of the best Asian restaurants in the B/CS area, so if you’re ever craving some Korean or Japanese food, head over to Bryan to check out Master Yakiniku.
  • restaurant review: first watch
    First Watch is my go-to place when I’m hanging out with friends or family and want to grab breakfast/brunch/lunch. They’re scattered around Texas, and you can find them in Austin, College Station, Houston and more. 
  • college station: yangtuo club
    Yangtuo Club is tucked into a small shopping center, so it’s quite easy to miss. They’ve got quite a few options as for what to eat: you can get the dry hot pot for 9.99$/lb — meaning, you can add whatever the heck you want for that price per pound, an all-you-can-eat hot pot buffet, where you can chose the level of spice for the soup base, as well as noodles and fried rice.
  • college station: fusion peru
    Fusion Peru, as the name suggests, combines both traditional Peruvian flavors with a dash of American, and it does an incredible job!
  • houston review: razzoo’s cajun cafe
    Cajun food plays a big role in the food scene of Texas, but here at HMHS, we haven’t really been able to experience much Cajun food, let alone good Cajun food. This changed when Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe contacted us to try their top menu items. And o my, was it a very pleasant experience with tasty and fun dishes.