college station: yangtuo club

Yangtuo Club is tucked into a small shopping center, so it’s quite easy to miss. They’ve got quite a few options as for what to eat: you can get the dry hot pot for 9.99$/lb — meaning, you can add whatever the heck you want for that price per pound, an all-you-can-eat hot pot buffet, where you can chose the level of spice for the soup base, as well as noodles and fried rice.

We decided to get the dry hot pot, which my mom and I spend a solid ten minutes choosing what kinds of meats and vegetables we wanted. There was quite the variety of each: for the meat, there was chicken, lamb, beef, pork (and in different styles, too) and seafood; for vegetables, there were bean sprouts, cabbage, different herbs, mushrooms, wood ear, tofu, cauliflower, bokchoy, etc.

Once you’ve decided all the food you want, you give it to them and they’ll cook it for you in the sauce that you pick (depending on your own spice tolerance.) It comes out quite nice, in a large wood bowl (see the second picture, with myself for reference as to how big the bowl actually is…) Overall, I really enjoyed eating here, and even with the three of us, we were unable to finish off everything. I would definitely coming here as a group and sharing, because the more the merrier the gathering, and it’ll help y’all overcome all the food!

It’s definitely now my new favorite Chinese restaurant here in College Station!

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  1. I miss American Chinese food. The stuff they tried to pass off as Chinese food in Hungary . . . let’s just say I’m pretty sure no Chinese person would recognize any of it. 😀

    There was a small Chinese food place by the supermarket two houses from my mom’s apartment in Paris. Some of the best Chinese food ever! We’d always get food there when I came back. And I agree, food has to be shared!

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