Houston Bakery Review: Mademoiselle Louise

The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) taught us how truly beautiful (and of course delicious) pastries can be 🤤.

Specifically, the French or French-inspired items always satisfied certain craving, yet only visually. So when Annie and I discovered the one and only Mademoiselle Louise in Houston, we were bewitched. (Well actually, I was; Annie preferred to nap until I ~persuaded~ her by reading off their menu items 😂.).

Favorite Bakery Items

Some goodies we’ve tried are the Pistachio Croissant, Tarte Aux Fruit, Fudge Chocolate Cube, La Vie In Rose, Eclairs, Strawberry Mousse & Compotee, Tarte Citron, etc. These were nothing short of magnificent. Tasty and sweet, these pastries and desserts satisfied those cravings that GBBO inspired in us. You honestly can’t go wrong with anything; just roll with the punches and enjoy every not-so-hidden gem they offer! They’re also not overly sweet in our eyes; yes, they are desserts, yet they’re not like a sinful frosting kind of sweet. They also rotate their Pastry items, so you know it’s gonna be almost impossible to get bored here 😉.

I must say though that the Pistachio Croissants has got to be my favorite. Warm, buttery and flakey (the good kind lol), these croissants boast and wonderful pistachio filling that I can’t describe well enough to you; please, you must go try it yourself. It’s got this beautiful Pistachio green glaze on top as well. Not only do they have Pistachio, they tend to have Almond and Raspberry Croissant, both of which are fantastic as well. O and by the way, they tend to run out of the Pistachio Croissants early in the mornings; just to let you know how popular they are 😏.

And they’re not just pastries! Mademoiselle Louise offers some wonderful **bread**. I’m not kidding, they possess the best bread I’ve had in Houston and arguably Texas at the least. The baguettes are what get me – they’re steamy fresh, have a buttery soft interior, yet crispy exterior, and in short, they’re just so satisfying.  

On top of that, they have a solid espresso and coffee program. When you just need that caffeinated goodness to top of your bakery visit, they are more than capable 🤭. They also offer hot dishes, such as quiches. We personally recommend the goat cheese quiche, as it is the most unique to us and quite good in its own right. Nevertheless, they have several options of quiches and other hot items, which are all the more reason to come visit. 

Other tips before you go

One tip we have is to come here on Sundays; there’s free street parking! There are also some paid parking garages, but I think you can get it validated.  

Mademoiselle Louise is an excellent spot. It’s such a versatile place – you can come here to treat yourself, get baked goods for family and friends, and even have brunch here! One must really try it out, and please let us know how you feel! Especially about that Pistachio Croissant 😄.

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