Houston Restaurant Review: Tiny’s Milk & Cookies

The chocolate chip cookie (CCC) has always inspired a sense of nostalgia in me; it has this almost magical value to it. In fact, whether from a GrandMa’s recipe or the middle school cafeteria, this cookie has been on everyone’s mind. This ubiquitous knowledge may make the CCC seem normal, typical, and dare I say, boring…

But there is a Bakery that will stimulate and persuade one into adoring the CCC again. This mystical establishment is Tiny’s Milk and Cookies. Located in the heart of West University, Tiny’s is a neighborhood classic; kids, adults, and even our wisest elders enjoy Tiny’s, so you know this place is a definite must-try at least. And if WestU is a bit too far, they do have a new River Oaks location as well 👀. 

Now to describe their CCC. Simply, Tiny’s CCC may be second to none. It’s a little piece of snuggly warm, pillowy soft and chocolatey goodness. Biting into the Tiny’s CCC is a little piece of glee; all your troubles (for at least a second) go away. You can take in the moment and relax, while of course indulging in this wonderful cookie. And one may not be enough to be honest; it’s so good it leaves you wanting more CCC’s or interested in some other treats 🤭. 

Other Delightful Sweets

The CCC isn’t where Tiny’s stops – there’s more than plenty of options of baked goods, ice cream, and of course, coffee ☕️. Some other favorite treats are the Snickerdoodle and Sugar cookies; to be honest, Annie just HAS to get the sugar cookies on top of the CCC 😂. Don’t worry, I promise it’s also fantastic 😉. One softspot I have is the Morning Bun. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s got this custardy filling that’s everything my childhood sugar cravings desired. Yet, it’s not only straight sugar, the Morning Bun is a complex pastry dusted with cinnamon and composed of fluffy delicious dough. Other treats we like include the Kouign-Amann, Croissant, and scones, none of which should be excluded from a party 😏. 

Ice Cream Galore

Their ice cream is also exceptional. Between the sorbet and gelato, I can’t decide which one is better. Sorbet is water-based, so it typically is not as creamy compared to gelato. Nevertheless, the sorbet, mango especially, has this crisp, smooth, and tangy finish that’s all the more tasty. And don’t get me started on the gelato. Their gelato, strawberry in particular, is velvety soft and straight up silky. It’s like disappearing into a strawberry memory foam mattress. 

The Restaurant: Tiny’s No. 5

Tiny’s sounds like a breathtaking bakery, no? That’s not all, my friend. Adjacent to Tiny’s bakery is their restaurant, Tiny’s No. 5! Some of the many items we partook in include the Meat and Cheese Board (i.e., charcuterie), Shrimp and Risotto, and Watercolor. Their charcuterie is special; the bread they use is naan and it just goes so well with their unique selection of cheeses and meats. On top of that, they use this jalapeño jam that’s nothing short of an extraordinary twist. Their Risotto is stellar; with a lineup like jumbo shrimp, parmesan risotto, champagne beurre blanc, you’ll be more than happy with said Risotto 🤘. For the Watercolor, it may sound interesting initially, but it’s delish. Think about it – shrimp and crab poached in a spicy herb butter over coconut rice. Straight up savory delectability. 

Now for dessert, we recommend going over to the bakery, of course 😂. But they do have a Goat Cheese Cheesecake with strawberry balsamic sauce, whipped cream, and tuille. ‘Tis an intriguing take on the classic cheesecake. 

There you have it. Tiny’s more than has the stamp of approval from HMHS. An iconic establishment to go get your dessert needs. Please come out to try it and let us know your favorite dessert!

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