houston: city with no limits

For Michael, Houston is all about new beginnings. A native of Dallas, he’s learned to love Houston in its own ways, and its quirks. While he completes medical school in H-town, he’s excited to explore the incredibly diverse food scene along the way. As for Annie, she looks forward to visiting Michael every few months from Ann Arbor (and eating GOOD FOOD!)

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Houston Restaurant Review: Local Foods

I admittedly haven’t ever put much thought into the food called sandwich. To me, a sandwich is something that’s quick to fix up and great for only when I’m in a hurry; it really has never been something for me to focus on.

Now that sounded blasphemous probably, didn’t it? But let me tell you –Local Foods has opened my eyes, broadened my horizons, and most of all, deepened my appreciation for anything placed between two slices of bread. Oh and Local Foods has just amazing sandwiches, salads, and even a lovely artisan market. 

houston review: bubba’s texas burger shack

Have you ever wondered what the actual definition of a burger is? Well, according to Wikipedia, a burger is “a food item consisting of a cooked meat and bun.” But to us, a burger is more than that – it is the embodiment of American glory. And the place that best encapsulates this meaning is none other than Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack.

houston restaurant review: hu’s cooking

As a non-Houstonian, this breadth and depth of Chinese cuisine was intimidating at first. From Peking Duck to specialty noodle dishes, there’s just so much Chinese food that we didn’t know where to start! But after a few months of gradually exploring Houston, we’ve found a place that truly stands out from the pack. And that place is Hu’s Cooking!

houston: anonymous cafe review

From late night papers to morning pick-me-ups, the classic cold brew stood there to make sure I was not only awake but also focused and alert. In short, you could say cold brew has been my strongest supporter (sorry Annie!).

So it’s noteworthy for me to say that I have crowned arguably the best cold brew in my new home of Houston, Texas — Anonymous Cafe!

houston review: razzoo’s cajun cafe

Cajun food plays a big role in the food scene of Texas, but here at HMHS, we haven’t really been able to experience much Cajun food, let alone good Cajun food. This changed when Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe contacted us to try their top menu items. And o my, was it a very pleasant experience with tasty and fun dishes.