Houston Coffee Review: Greenway Coffee Co.

Aren’t coffee and studying just two peas in a pod? Of course! Yet unfortunately, it can be so hard to find a coffee shop with it all: good wifi, pretty aesthetics, plenty of space, strong coffee, and most of all, the feeling of ~productivity~.

But lemme tell you folks, I think I might’ve found the productivity pinnacle of coffee shops — Greenway Coffee Company located in Greenway Plaza. 

One pro tip before we get started. They have inside and outside gated parking, but make sure to park in the shaded garage and not the outdoor one. Inside not only is closer, but is also shaded, so you don’t have to get that Texas heat in your car 🥶. 

Now, imagine a coffee shop situated in a luxurious apartment inside Manhattan, New York City: tall ceilings, clean & sleek interior, and just an elevated atmosphere. That’s Greenway Coffee in my most humble of opinions.

Furthermore, there’s plenty of space to study with great seating and outlets; they even have an atrium-like (?) area underneath an artistic glass dome that just feels great to work under. The area is positioned like a food-court, so on top of coffee, there are ample restaurants. They even have an acai spot that’s great for breakfast or a lighter, healthier lunch. There’s also a gym inside if you wanna get swole after studying 🤭. 

But let’s get to the coffee, shall we?

Coffee here is fundamentally brilliant. It’s solid and tastes good, so you can’t be unhappy with that, but if you’re looking for something different, the Texas Honey and Cinnamon Latte is fantastic. It’s got some kick and sweetness to it, all of which complement the fundamentally sound covfefe.

They also have some non-coffee options! Tea is great and there are some specialty teas as well 😮‍💨. Lastly, they have some tasty baked goods and snacks if you’re in the mood for something not as heavy. 

There, however, is one catch, tragically. Parking is not completely free here, and what I mean is there is free parking for 2 hours and 5 minutes if you get parking validated, but past that, you have to pay ~$2 per hour. It’s a great place, nonetheless. Please try it out, be ~productive~ and let us know what you think!

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