Houston Restaurant Review: Shabu^2

Most of our friends have heard of Korean Barbeque (KBBQ) before; however, I’d say a lot of them haven’t given Hot Pot a try yet 🥶.

Hot Pot and KKBQ are actually similar; both are centered around eating large amounts of decadent, but so satisfying, amounts of beef, pork, chicken, etc. The difference is Hot Pot quite literally uses a “hot pot” filled with savory broth to cook the meat, rather than a grill.

Personally, I find Hot Pot to have more flavor depending on the meat, because you get to amalgamate so many oh so many flavors; moreover, the flavors continue to get richer as the meal goes on. Hot Pot also has lots of variations across Asia — the Japanese one is dubbed “Shabu Shabu,” hence the “Shabu squared” pun lol.  

Shabu2 offers “Gourmet Shabu Shabu” “high-end cuts of meats to our freshly prepared vegetables and seafood; [they describe as] the quality you can taste in every bite!” And indeed, ‘tis true. Bites here have deeper flavor profiles and taste fresh. 

Some of our must-try meats include the Zabuton (i.e., Denver cut steak), Certified Angus Strip, and the Kurobota/Pork Belly Combo. I didn’t know this, but Kurobota is considered the “Wagyu” of pork because these pigs have diets that allow for the most excellent marblings. In our opinion, the best broths that pair with these cuts are the Sukiyaki and Mixed Broth (i.e., spicy crab mixed with tonkatsu).

Sukiyaki is a type of dish that gives you a high-quality raw egg to dip your food in, and it may sound strange at first, but trust us in that it gives a different light for the meat to shine. The Mixed Broth gives a nice spicy kick to all the items, and this is the one we tend to focus on more as the meal progresses. 

There you have it, guys; our formula for savory, umami paradise 🤤. They give you veggies and noodles before your protein arrives so that you can mix them into to the broth, allowing for a simple but potent elevation of taste 😵. This place is truly a gem in Bellaire, and we’d definitely recommend you guys come not one or twice, but anytime you feel that carnivorous urge 😉.

Video: Shabu Shabu dining experience.

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