Houston Coffee Review: BlendIn Coffee

Hi folks, it’s me 😀 back with another coffeeshop review 😉

Up next, BlendIn Coffee Club!

BlendIn is a self-proclaimed “neighborhood coffee shop for every kind of coffee drinker.” They are spot on with that, my friends 😌 and the biggest thing for me is that BlendIn is such a comfortable coffee shop. What I mean by that is BlendIn feels inviting for almost anything: it’s a place you can come in for a double date, studying, or just to relax one weekend morning. Maybe it’s me, but the sleek, white and polished interior (coupled with a beautiful skylight) has a nice atmosphere and beneficial effect on my mood. 

What’d I say about the coffee, though? ‘Tis depth and breadth. They have a wide selection of types of coffees as well as some more-than-solid drink options. I personally enjoy the Nitro Cold Brew — it’s ~powerful~ and you will feel like you can move heaven and earth after sipping on this drank. At least I did lol. But it’s flavor profile is tasty; the Nitro Cold Brew has a nice kind of subtle tartness to it, which is unique and eyebrow-raising 🤨. You also can’t beat the iced oat milk latte; it’s my go-to and is chocolatey, smooth and luscious. 

For the food, there’s some popping pastries. The Passion Fruit Crepe Cake makes you feel like you came across a diamond in the rough. While it may look like a typical cake slice, it’s simply built different, in my opinion. Literally, it’s built with multiple stacks of crepes rather than the normal cake layering 😂. Their Crepe Cake has a sweet tartness that keeps bringing you back, so it’s good, I promise. The Cheesecake is also a good option. While it’s cheesecake and is a little heavy compared to other options, it’s lighter than you expect and is a classic dish to pick. So if you want something a little bit more substantial (but not too substantial 🤭), the Cheesecake is a nice choice. 

Seating here isn’t limited to the coffeeshop itself! There’s some tables and couches outside of the coffee shop in the atrium to which it’s connected. Outdoor seating is available, although it might be hot in the Texas summer 🔥. 

Lastly, there is one catch tragically — parking. Street parking is there; it’s metered, so you’ll have to pay any day besides Sunday. There is indeed an actual parking lot, yet it’s not for BlendIn or the building in which it’s situated. You CAN park in that lot, but you run the risk of getting towed, unfortunately 😭.

That’s that folks! BlendIn is a great option for lots of activities! So give it a try and let us know what you think 🤝. 

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