Houston Coffee: A 2nd Cup

Anyone need a coffee shop to just ~get away~ from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Houston?

I do believe we may have the answer for you, folks – A 2nd Cup 🤘. 

Located in the middle of Houston Heights, A 2nd Cup is a coffee shop with a cause; that cause is justice. Specifically, they are Houston’s only nonprofit coffee shop that is fighting against human trafficking, for which Houston is one the largest cities for, unfortunately. With that alone, we more than endorse giving them a visit. It’s refreshing to find a place that cares about not only coffee but also the community at large. 

The Coffee

Their coffee is far more than good enough to appease even the pickiest of coffee drinkers – *cough Annie cough*. A 2nd Cup has some of our top drink choices at the moment. My favorite is the Andy’s Mint Mocha. Full-bodied, flavorful, and reliable, the Mint Mocha offers a crisp, fresh taste for coffee aficionados (e.g., myself). I personally enjoy this drink iced as well. Now, Annie’s favorite drink (and who am I kidding, I enjoy it, too 🤭) is the Sweet Toff. Composed of English Toffee and mocha, it simply tastes elegant, yet decadent. The Sweet Toff tastes like it’s jam packed full of toffee and amazeballs goodness; I don’t know why, but to me, it almost feels fitting for British fanciness. O and I haven’t mentioned yet that it’s just great when served hot. I pride myself in drinking cold coffee at coffee shops, even when it’s freezing outside 🥶, yet the Sweet Toff just tastes richer, more robust, and dare I say, luscious. It might be the only coffee I drink hot while churning away practice questions for med school. Another top-of-the-line drink is the Secret Squirrel (awesome name, we know 😉). Infused with hazelnut and amaretto, this is one ~*nutty*~ drink you’d more than care to try sometime. 

A 2nd Cup feels like a place where you can get some real work done. I personally know some med students who come here after long days at rotations to unwind, but also get some hardcore studying done. This cycle has also run on repeat at A 2nd Cup over the weeks … just to let you know how frequented it might be 😏. One thing to note, however, is that the wifi can lag at times; it’s reliable for the most part, but sometimes it’s hard to connect initially or it drops for a minute. Still pretty worthy of frequent visits though. There’s plenty of seating, too, and they have their own free parking lot 😎.

So there it is, fellas – a coffee shop that serves good coffee, offers solid working conditions, and has a greater cause. Please try out A 2nd Cup and let us know what you think! 

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