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austin: keepin’ things weird

Austin is where we first met and fell in love (with food), and it’s where HMHS was born. It’s unique; it’s diverse and we hope you find whatever you feel like eating here.

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who we are

We’re Annie and Michael, two recent graduates of The University of Texas. Now, we’re off to medical school in Houston and graduate school in Michigan! One day, we found our phone filled with hundreds and thousands of food pictures — of eggs bennys, of pancakes, of badly-lit risottos, of every food imaginable.

Hungry Mind, Hungry Stomach is the result of that — it’s our literal food baby. What started out as a small endeavor on Instagram quickly turned into something more. What started out as a passion for eating turned into a community of fun, friends, food-lovers and family.

But most importantly? Come hungry, leave happy. Our content is always here for you.

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