Seattle: Our Three Favorite Coffee Shops

Doesn’t it feel like everyone’s going to Seattle these days? Because I swear like every other Instagram story has been about visiting the PNW (Pacific Northwest). One thing I hope everyone’s tried though is the Seattle coffee, which has been arguably the best coffee we’ve ever had! 

To start off, the kind of covfefe Annie and I indulge in is second-wave coffee — chocolatey, milky, eclectic sophistication. So it makes sense that we fancy coffee in the PNW, since Seattle is kind of the capital of second-wave coffee. 

Three of the best spots we think embody this flavor profile are these three wonderful coffee spots, in no particular order. 

Monorail Espresso

The Westlake Monorail is an eccentric hole-in-the-wall spot. They had no interior, but they did have some picnic tables outside that let us take in the Seattle atmosphere, weather and city. Silky and subtly spicy, their cinnamon and honey latte is a fantastic choice to sip on as you embrace and acculturate to the beautiful sights and sounds.

And don’t fret, the honey and cinnamon don’t overpower the actual coffee; this espresso flavor still shines and shines bright 🌟. The Cold Brew aka Toddy is also a more-than-solid choice, especially when you need an extra kick to wake up 😮‍💨. Okay, I don’t think I can do Monorail justice by just listing these two choices; Burnt Creme, rose, maple, London fog are all great choices.

On top of those, the staff are quick and quite pleasant. Monorail may be the best place to start off if you want to get lost and explore the Emerald City!

Elm Coffee Roasters

Absolutely stunning interior. Encompassed in the high ceilings, clean aesthetic, and wide open spacing, Elm Coffee Roasters at South Lake Union is the dream of any future architecture enthusiast 🤭. And that’s not all, this coffee is wholesomely satisfying; smoothness here hits different, and I know that sounds interesting 😅.

All you need is their iced latte to be honest; they take care of the fundamentals quite well. I can’t go without mentioning my favorite perk of Elm Coffee Roasters; it’s a phenomenal place to hunker down and get some good work done. Oh and don’t get me started if you get the Seattle rain when you’re studying: just get some music on and it’s straight up real life lo-fi beats you’re jamming to 😮‍💨.

All in all, Elm’s coffee is more than delightful and it’s in such a charming interior; you’ll definitely be satisfied coming here!

Storyville Coffee Company

Located in the quintessential Pike Place Market, Storyville not only offers some appetizing coffee, but also a nice, quiet interior that’s separate from the hustle and bustle of Pike Place. I can’t forget you get a free, yet cute Storyville mug if you sign up for the email list 🤝. The drink that I indubitably enjoyed was their Cold Brew Latte; yes, cold brew with toothsome espresso. It’s one of those drinks that you’re not quite sure how much you like at first sip, but you soon enough regret having any qualms 👀 because this drink can rock your socks off. No, literally, it’s cold brew and espresso; you might be jumping off the walls sooner or later.

All kidding aside, it’s a great drink and is a much needed pick-me-up after a busy time in Pike Place Market. Speaking of the Market, Storyville can be wonderful change of pace from the Market; it’s a good place to recharge your batteries with some strong coffee (I swear this coffee must go to the gym or something 🤭) and gear up to tackle the great food of Pike Place and Seattle overall! 

If you find yourself in Seattle sometime soon, please give these places and more a try! We’d love to hear what you think of the city, their food, and of course, their coffee!

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