Houston Dessert Review: Flower & Cream

Flower & Cream – now a name like that just makes you think of something subtle and understated, doesn’t it? But trust me, the Artisan Ice Cream from Flower & Cream is jam packed with flavor and size. 

Annie and I first stumbled upon Flower & Cream one quiet night in Houston, and we were just craving for ice cream. We found a nice ice cream shop with good reviews that was also close to the Texas Medical Center, so we decided to give it a try.

And with us craving ice cream, we were expected to get 2-3 scoops each, which we did 😉. Little did we know the wonderful globes of ice cream were ginormous . . .  and delicious of course! 

Flavorful flavors

Now onto the actual frozen dessert 🍨. I, desiring large volumes of ice-milk, got 3 flavors: Gingerbread Cookie, Honey Roasted Strawberry and Cereal Milk Oreo. Let me tell you – each globe was a luscious, inviting and straight-up delish flavor. But all together? It was amazeballs.

Gingerbread Cookie tasted like the ice-cream version of the milk and cookies you’d leave for Santa on Christmas Night; it had a subtle, yet toothsome flavor of ginger and was all around a great flavor during Christmas time :).

Cereal Milk Oreo might sound eccentric at first, and while bold, it is a flavorsome combination. As a kid, the leftover milk in cereal just hit different with its sweetness; it was like coming full circle for your start to the day. Cereal Milk Oreo is the reincarnation of this, but with some oreo, too!

But saving perhaps my favorite for last – Honey Roasted Strawberry. Strawberry ice cream has always had a soothing, not-too-sweet but still satisfying taste to me. This was not different, yet it was at the same time: the honey and roasted essence gave an almost savory component to the ice cream. It was the best of both worlds for me honestly and it was just so good. 

Now for Annie’s flavor, she got the Toffee Coffee Cake. Something to note, however, is that Annie is a coffee-addict, and to be fair, the flavor of coffee is pretty good 😏. This flavor was tasty and hit the spot for some much-needed toffee . . . and coffee of course. 

Annie and I were lucky to run into Flower & Cream. It has amazing flavors that are also hefty in size; we figured this out the hard way so you don’t have to 😏. All in all, Flower & Cream is very worth it and one of our usual spots now. Go give it a try let us know if you agree!

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