Recipe: Michael’s Cup o’ Jo’

Covfefe – some love it; others can’t live without it (I’m looking at you David 🤧). But we can all agree coffee is good; coffee lets us work harder for longer and it just gives us a boost when we need it the most. And for a grad and medical school student pairing, we sure do treasure our coffee. 

This admiration (and lowkey obsession) are why we wanted to share with you guys our way of crafting the ultimate Cup O’ Jo’ – pourover edition :). 

Oftentimes we as a society settle on coffee that may be too weak, not tasty enough, or just unfulfilling. However, armed with a magical filter system and superior coffee beans, we believe we  perhaps possess the amazeballs of coffee now. And here it is: 


  • Kettle (or just something to boil water in)
    • We love the Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle and it’s just so pretty lol
  • Coffee filters 
    • For a cleaner cup of brew
  • Fantastic coffee beans
    • For great taste and energy
  • Filter system
    • We use the Simply Hario V60 Brewing Kit and we absolutely adore it 😤
    • A whole filter system set is optional, but it really eases the process! 


  1. Place your filter cone over a container 
  2. Fold your coffee filter along the seams and place it inside the filter cone
  3. Boil (filtered) water and allow it to cool for ~1-2 minutes  
  4. Drip the water along the filter – this takes away a papery taste
  5. Empty the water from container
  6. Add however much coffee grounds to the filter (medim-fine grind works best in our opinion)
  7. Shake the filter cone to level the grounds
  8. Gingerly pour your hot water to moisten the grounds – do this in a circular pattern from the center outward 
  9. Wait 30 seconds 
  10. Now gradually add more water at the same speed and swirling pattern as before 
  11. Wait for the dripping to finish and voilla! Nourishing coffee is made 🙂

Coffee Veteran Tips:

You may be tempted to skip the whole “mositen and wait” process, but turns out this process, called “blooming,” is ~uber~ important. It apparently degasses the coffee grounds, removing CO2 and its sour taste. Moreover, CO2 prevents extraction of wonderful coffee aromatics and oils, so please “bloom” your coffee 🤠.

Also, when you’re pouring water over the grounds, make sure to avoid directly hitting the filter paper. This misses the grounds and just dilutes the great coffee flavor ☹️.

And there you have it! Delicious coffee to warm and energize your mind and soul. Feel free to enjoy fresh hot coffee or to refrigerate it for a nice, chilly cup of brew. We hope you guys try this and let us know what you think of Michael’s Cup O’ Jo’!!

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