dallas: R+D kitchen

R+D Kitchen lies right across a personal favorite of mine – Hillstone. These upscale restaurants are not only in the same relaxing, homey environment, but they also share the same nice and expansive parking lot. So you and your homies can come whenever and valet won’t be necessary here.


But now onto the food! I have only been here for lunch, but the food of R+D Kitchen is described as a New American style restaurant in addition to having some nice sushi dishes. Of all the sushi R+D has, there are two sushi dishes that are a homerun for me – the Nigiri Plate and Coconut Shrimp Roll. The Nigiri Plate is detailed as ‘pristine fillets of salmon, tuna and hiramasa on seasoned rice,’ and I can say that they are some tasty pieces and nicely sized. The best way to chronicle the Nigiri Plate is that it’s just good sushi overall. Now the Coconut Shrimp Roll dish is something else because it’s a unique, yet simple item. The shrimp, coconut flakes and avocado are not ingredients that you would think to all be in a sushi roll. But they amalgamate to synthesize deliciousness. My family will always ask me to bring a couple rolls of Coconut Sushi home when I dine at R+D, so it’s an awesome dish to try out. 

R+D Kitchen Sushi

For the rest of the menu, my go-to is the Pan Fried Petrale Sole. I recommend squeezing the juice of a lemon onto it after you spread some tartar sauce – the contrast from the two flavors with the fish just elevates the taste of the dish. On top of that, the fish is crispy and appetizingly fried, but it is also pleasantly light. So if you were still hungry, you could try the Roasted Salmon or the USDA Prime Center-Cut Filet; both are excellent dish on their own as well. But if you aren’t too hungry after the Fried Sole, you can still try their sides! I enjoy their Deviled Eggs, but their French Fries are underrated and don’t get enough attention. They have a great combination of salt, size of the fries and the number of fries to be a nice addition to your entree or appetizer.   

Pan Fried Fish

I definitely think everyone should give this a try, so come on by if you catch yourself in the neighborhood!

Type of food: New American, Sushi

Locations/Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 11AM – 9:30PM, Thursday-Saturday: 11AM-10PM, Sunday: 10:30AM-9:30PM

Price: $$$


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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