Houston Restaurant Review: Prego

Have you guys heard of the Italian saying – “fare una spaghettata?” It literally means to eat spaghetti. And while it’s no lie Italian cuisine encompasses phenomenal spaghetti, that’s not all Italy nails. Italy has gifted the world with flatbreads, risotto, cheese and even more. One place, in my opinion, that embodies this breadth and depth of delicious food is Prego in Rice Village. 

In Prego’s words, they specialize “in fresh, modern Italian cuisine,” featuring “handcrafted-pasta, house-cured salumi, hand-tossed pizzas.” But o my, not only do they have fresh food, it sure is appetizing. 

Annie and I have tried a multitude of their dishes, none of which have disappointed, so without further ado, let’s get to that delish food 😏.


To preface this, I have this weird philosophy that you should always try the quintessential dish of a restaurant to get a definitive first impression. For instance, french fries are the ultimate benchmark for fast food places, and I believe the margherita pizza is something to help gauge the caliber of an Italian restaurant. So the first thing we tried was their margherita pizza. It didn’t disappoint and in fact was a quality dish. The cheese was soft and inviting; the cherry tomato offered a tart-like contrast that blended so well with the cheese; basil added a  layer of sweet-savory flavor; and the crust was just the right balance of crunchiness and chewability. All in all, Prego’s margherita pizza told Annie and me they had many more good dishes in store for us 👀. 


We then dove into several of Prego’s dishes. The Gulf Crab Cake was simply a wonderful amalgamation of tastes. Savory crab cake with creamy avocado and cord; all in union with the subtly sweet white wine butter sauce. Moreover, Annie was just enthralled with their burrata dish. I need to state that Annie, in addition to being a coffee addict, is a cheese ~connoisseur~. Actually, she’s also a cheese addict to be honest. But because of her high standards, the fondness Annie showed to the burrata should be a good sign it’s great cheese 😉. 


Now I gotta be fair; I also have a proclivity for a certain Italian dish – risotto. There’s just something uplifting about tasty, creamy rice bathing in delicious sauce and seasonings. And I assure you Prego’s Mushroom Risotto with Braised Veal made sure I continued with my affinity for risotto 💁‍♂️. Think about it – warm, buttery risotto with luscious mushrooms, all of which is alongside with some tender and saucy veal. Doesn’t that just sound magnificent? 

These aren’t the only dishes we’ve tried, and more importantly, they’re not the only ones we enjoy. The Funghi and Verdure Risottos were great for a certain risotto lover :); the Prego pizza was also a classically delicious pizza. 

So as you can see, Annie and I have quite enjoyed Prego. It’s a more-than-solid Italian restaurant that hits the spot just right. We recommend it and hope you guys might enjoy it too sometime!

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