Houston Restaurant Review: Local Foods

I admittedly haven’t ever put much thought into the food called sandwich. To me, a sandwich is something that’s quick to fix up and great for only when I’m in a hurry; it really has never been something for me to focus on. 

Now that sounded blasphemous probably, didn’t it? But let me tell you – Local Foods has opened my eyes, broadened my horizons, and most of all, deepened my appreciation for anything placed between two slices of bread. Oh and Local Foods has just amazing sandwiches, salads, and even a lovely artisan market. 

I first heard of Local Foods when I began medical school, when friends like my MS2 buddy and dental comrade (hi Drew & Syd!) absolutely raved about it. And to be honest, I was initially skeptical, yet how I regret those days. I tried Local Foods after one long, unyielding day of studying – for what I thought would be an easy, convenient dinner. I had ordered the Gulf Seafood Sandwich with sides of Red Potato Salad and Housemade Chips. Sandwiched (😉) between two lovely slices of ciabatta bread, the Gulf Seafood is composed of Blue Horizon Shrimp & Blue Crab, tomato, pickled onion, and Green Goddess Dressing.

In short, I was happily surprised, wowed, and amazed. This sandwich was simply jam packed with flavor; the wonderful taste of delicious seafood with nuanced savors made it a delectable experience. Such experience set myself a precedent – to always give any food another chance, because who knows what toothsome experiences await us! And I can’t forget I had to keep going to Local Foods for everything it has to offer LOL. 

I explored so many items from Local Foods; from their sandwiches to daily lunch specials, everything is just good. One of my favorites has been the House Cured & Smoked Salmon; it comes with onion jam, lemon cream cheese, and mixed greens on a wonderful everything bagel. Onion jam and lemon cream cheese sounded a bit different at first, but it was a welcomed addition. The juxtaposition and contrast of savory salmon and sweet, tangy onion jam with lemon cream cheese were straight amazeballs. 

And that isn’t the last of their amazing sandwiches. Other favorites have been the Crunchy Chicken (a popular choice with that mouthwatering pretzel bun!) and their Avocado BLT. Some other sides I like are the Butternut Squash Bisque and the Classic Chicken Psole. On top of that, you can mix and match your sandwiches! I personally recommend getting that toothsome pretzel bun with avocado and bacon for either the Gulf Seafood or Smoked Salmon. 

Now this hasn’t been an exhaustive list of what Local Foods has to offer. Their salads are good and daily specials bring a nice twist everyday. Their market, likewise, is quite intriguing. They offer anything from wine, coffee, and sauces to speciality Asian condiments, Japanese sodas, and even Asian tea cups! Local Foods truly will have something to your delight whenever you come :).

Please go try out Local Foods! And help me amend my mistake of not trying their wonderful food earlier 🥶. 

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