travel: newry & bethel (the most beautiful villages in maine)

At the beginning of August, my dad and I took a week long trip up to Maine, as well as a small trip to Boston and Mount Washington.

Maine’s weather and scenery are absolutely gorgeous in the summer. We stayed at the Sunday Ski Resort at Newry, a small town of only about 300 people! We went kayaking with the L.L Bean Outdoor Discovery School on a beautiful small lake, and spent the rest of the time hiking in the mountains towards the back of the hotel. We averaged almost five miles every day, and on one hike, my dad and I missed the trail markers and actually got lost for a bit (quite scary!) But we made it to the summit of that mountain, and the view was certainly worth it.

Bethel is known as Maine’s most beautiful village, and many tourists will go there to do a bit of shopping, kayaking and hiking. And indeed, the houses there have a very distinct New England style and are very beautiful. As for food, we definitely couldn’t miss out on fresh Maine Lobster — and it’s absolutely delicious with some warm butter, oysters and garlic bread! We mostly just ate at the hotel, but the food was mouth-watering — check it out below!

(Bonus: We made a stop at Mt. Washington on the way back down to Boston. Mt. Washington is the tallest mountain in the North U.S., and it was quite cold up there. We weren’t able to see much because of the fog and clouds, but it was cool to drive up the 8 mile mountain road. I’ve also included some photos from Boston, my hometown, so enjoy!)


  1. Lived in Maine for a while, and visited Boston once, and I can attest that both are beautiful in their own right. Thanks for bringing back those memories. I actually found a lot of places in Finland that were similar to the places I’d seen in Maine.

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  2. I love the sound of that ski resort in Newry. Small towns like that must be bliss, a nice slice of comfort and quiet. The weather sounds glorious in summer too. You have some fantastic photos. Wish I were in Maine rather than the grey, miserable UK!

    Caz xx

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