Houston Restaurant Review: Lucille’s

Mac & Cheese — something that almost every child adores. And let’s be honest, some of us haven’t grown out of that phase, now have we @Annie 😮‍💨. Now I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy me some Mac & Cheese every once in a while. But it’s gotta have those noteworthy characteristics: gooey, welcoming, and of course, cheesy 🤭.

This is when Lucille’s comes in; not only do they have some oh-so-delicious Baked Mac & Cheese, but they also sometimes have it with Truffle 🤤. You know, that Truffle that all them celebrity chefs (e.g, Gordon Ramsay lol) swoon over. Lucille’s Mac & Cheese was all I could have asked for and more! It was thick, silky, and just flowing with flavor; with that Truffle, it was mouthwatering. In short, this Mac & Cheese was amazeballs 🤝. 

But I haven’t forgotten about their other dishes!! In their own words, “Lucille’s is a tribute to a legacy of culinary excellence started almost a century ago;” they “specialize in well-refined Southern cuisine with infusions of international techniques and flavors.” They were spot on to say the least. 

Some favorites were the Hot Chicken Sandwich, Butcher Burger, Yard Bird, and Braised Oxtails. Their Hot Rolls and Cheesy Grits shouldn’t be slept on though. Don’t all these dishes just sound tantelizing? The Hot Chicken is a slow-fried chicken breast with Chinese 5 Spice Hot Glaze, Bourbon Pickles, slaw, onion Challah Bun, fries and a side of salad. Now isn’t that a melting pot of delish 🥳. The Yard Bird is a Brined & Slow-Fried Chicken (White or Dark Meat) with some Smoked Mash, Braised Collard Greens, and Honey Spiced Gravy; it’s simply everything you want in some Southern comfort food. 

Last, but not least, the Braised Oxtails just hit different (it even gets its own paragraph). Accompanied by Fire Roasted Capanota, Serrano Cheddar Grits and Oxtail Jus, The Braised Oxtails are a melt-in-your-mouth, sumptuous, and succulent amalgamation of artistry. It is also classmate-approved 😉 @Charles Osamor. In short, the Oxtails are a highly-recommended entree, please give it a shot if you’d like!

There are many more dishes we and our friends enjoy at Lucille’s. And I think the best way to sum them up is to say Lucille’s has something great for everyone. Lucille’s has been a great place to relax and unwind after our many tough exams; friends have enjoyed the place and they just love the food. So please try it out and let us know!

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