Houston Restaurant Review: Dandelion Cafe

Cafes come in all shapes and sizes. But recently I’ve felt that most cafes are places to hunker down and get some studying or work done (at least for a med student 😅). Don’t get me wrong, I do love some cold brew and WiFi to get flash cards done. However, I miss the feeling of just going to a cafe for the life-enhancing food and coffee. 

One place that fulfills the above is the Dandelion Cafe. When our friend Rachael invited us to come try out their dishes, we were more than happy to do so! And we’re pleased to report that the Dandelion Cafe has everything you want in food, coffee, pastries and more.


The main dish I go for is their Biscuit and Gravy. Trust me when I say one order of this will power you through an entire day — and then some. Think about it: a housemade biscuit, poached egg, spinach, and cheddar; all of which bathed in housemade pork sausage gravy, and of course, chorizo 🤩. Now doesn’t that sound amazeballs? I feel quite sustained for the rest of the day when I get this dish 💆‍♂️. You get to choose how you like your egg done as well as what protein you want (e.g., bacon, normal sausage, or even a vegetable); I may be biased, but I gotta say poached eggs and chorizo are the way to go. Needless to say, their Biscuit and Gravy is phenomenal!

Annie, as a cheese fanatic, chose their Grilled Cheese Panini. Gooey, savory, and of course, cheesy, the Grilled Cheese was a tremendous choice to say the least. Their Grilled Cheese is comprised of cheddar, provolone, oaxaca and queso fresco; simply, it was the ultimate grilled cheese. You also get a cup of their daily soup (we got the loaded baked potato soup and an absolute mouthful of comforting flavor), which is a delightful addition to the cheesiness. 

Coffee & Crew

Now onto their covfefe. We had a hot Bourbon Caramel Latte and a hot Butterscotch Latte. In short, this coffee got some spunk and personality. Annie and I never had coffee that tasted this creative before; the combination is unique obviously, but it just felt like the creators of these combos cared a bit more. And that’s not all of their coffee — they have Cinnamon, Maple, Salted Caramel, Peppermint and more for lattes; in addition, they have other espresso specialties and some good cold brew and drip coffee. All great choices to enjoy along with one of their bagels 👀. As you can see, Dandelion’s coffee is truly one of a kind. 

Lastly, but of course not least, Dandelion is run by some wonderful individuals. All of the staff are warm and friendly. We even got to meet chef JC and he is a funny and enjoyable person to be around, especially if you’re a basketball fan like myself. Too bad the Lakers ain’t in the Finals though (sorry JC). 

And special thank you to Rachael for inviting us! We had a great time and hope to bring more of our friends over here. One classmate already adores the Club Sandwich 🤝. So please come try out the Dandelion Cafe and let us know what you think!

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