Houston Restaurant Review: Eunice

I want to ask you guys how many of y’all have seen a restaurant rated 4.7 (yes, 4.7 indeed) stars on Apple Maps? It’s okay if you haven’t, because well neither had Annie and I until we literally just tapped a random spot on my iPhone.

However, that is how we unearthed Eunice in Houston, Texas. And o my, were we glad to have been so lucky.


Eunice is described as “seasonally inspired Cajun-Creole fare & cocktails in a polished, soaring locale with large windows.” It truly is a beautiful spot to behold and to just admire – inside and out. The menu of Eunice offers Cajun-Creole brasserie-style items inspired by the flavors of someone’s childhood; that someone is Executive Chef Drake Leonards. Honestly, Chef Leonards must’ve had quite amazing food escapades because Eunice’s dishes are not only distinctive, but also terrific. 

So enough about decor, let’s get to some good ol’ Cajun food 😛.

Appetizers & Entrees

The best way I can describe the food at Eunice is happy marriages. Let me explain – many of the foods initially seem like eccentric combinations (at least to me); for example, the appetizer Yellowfin Tuna has miso, apple, avocado and cilantro with some wonderful yellowfin. Now, to say the least, it felt ~interesting~ for a Cajun restaurant to combine elements of Japanese cuisine with sweetness from apples as well as creaminess from avocados. But boy that appetizer was … appetizing 😏. It was really good to be straightforward haha. Japanese sushi-quality yellowfin plus the savory miso sauce just made the Yellowfin Tuna a bowl of straight delish. On top of that, the Truffle Rigatoni was oh so good. Truffle by itself possesses tremendous savory taste, but man, combine that with some tantalizing pasta, cheese and wild mushrooms and you got yourself one wholesomely good dish. Lastly, their oysters are served in such a high-quality Cajun place that you already know they don’t mess around 😏. So you should definitely try their specialty oysters ;).

Now onto Eunice’s entrees. I ordered the Rohan Duck Breast and Annie got the Gulf Shrimp and Grits; both are phenomenal, yet I gotta give the edge to the Grits because it just has some extra Cajun kick to it. Grits are actually porridge from boiled cornmeal; I know that might not sound like the most intriguing dish, but picture grits with some green onion sausage gravy, delicious shrimp and unique Cajun flair. And you know that’s a scrumptious amalgamation pretty much everyone would like 😤. The Duck, likewise, was so satisfying to eat. It’s not easy to cook duck well, but the team at Eunice did a fantastic job. The corn pudding, lightsey farm peaches and green harissa all elevated the dish as well. These dishes all contained happy marriages among their ingredients; however, I like to think that the dishes all came together so well.


O but wait! We have dessert. I got the Coconut Semifreddo and Annie got the Bread Pudding. And I gotta be honest – I don’t think I could choose between them. Semifreddo is like an ice cream custard, and I found nostalgia in the coconut semifreddo as it reminded me of the Snickers Ice Cream bar. However, the Eunice team gave it a much needed upgrade and wowza was it fulfilling to eat. Annie’s Bread Pudding was out of this world. I know I’ve used this wording beforehand, but seriously picture this: brown butter caramel and butter pecan ice cream all with a warm, soft and comforting bready pudding. Needless to say, it was bliss.

And that’s our review for Eunice. It was an ~amazeballs~ experience that we hope y’all, too, can experience sometime :).

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