Houston Dessert: Cheater’s Creamery

Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Okay, maybe just the adults who kept it from us when we were kids, but I’d say most everyone appreciates it :). Yet, I feel like a lot of ice cream ironically boils down to similar flavor textures — creamy or silky smooth.

Nothing is wrong with that of course, but sometimes you wanna try ~more~ right? That’s when Cheater’s Creamery comes in — when they first reached out to us for samplings, we were eager to do so. We were not entirely sure what to expect and they wow’d us! 

When we tasted their ice cream, the words that came to mind were “intense, sharp and lovely.” That’s right; Cheater’s Creamery has ice cream that immediately pops and shines with flavor and pizzazz. It reminded me of the iconic comic book punchlines, like “Bam! Boom! Zap!” Enough references though, I’m sure you guys wanna know about the actual ice cream 😂.

Flavors, Flavours, Flaveurs!

Some great flavors were Cookie Monster and Birthday Cake. These need no explanation; they are the decadence you crave and the childhood nostalgia you embrace. O yea, they’re also reliable for a great Cheat Day 😉.

One flavor that stood out was their Cinnamon Churro. This was simply fantastic; it had that sweet-spicy Cinnamon flavor and it elevated the ice cream o so well. Moreover, it had sweet, woody notes that were just so inviting; we highly recommend it. Strasberry cheesecake is another good flavor to choose. It had this slightly tangy finish, yet its rich, and this contrast was welcoming. All were great choices.

However, the one that takes the cake for us (🤭) is their Fruit Cereal Milk. This one is what inspired the intro paragraph; Fruit Cereal Milk tasted like literal star bursts. It was amazeballs. The cereal part is inspired by fruity pebbles, and with the smooth milky flavor, it all came together so well. In fact, Fruit Cereal Milk was so good that I even went back for the milkshake version of it! And it was just as magical as it was the first time :). 

So guys, please give Cheater’s Creamery a try! They’re located at 5002 Washington Avenue, and they should be open from 12PM to 11PM most days. We loved it and we hope you guys do too 🤘.

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