Portland: Our Three Favorite Coffee Shops

Portland holds a special place in our heart. It was our first HMHS trip together, and boi, was it a good one. The food was spectacular; the views and weather were phenomenal; and needless to say, the covfefe amazeballs.

So we decided to come back after our first year in med school and grad school. We saw the old coffee shop we loved, but we were also eager to try others. And this is it — our top coffee shops in the PDX. Hope you enjoy it!

Oracle Coffee co

Oracle has just great coffee honestly. I got a soft spot for cold brew in general, and once I saw their nitro cold brew, it was game over. And I must say, theirs rocked my socks off. Strong, silky, and lightly sweet — this nitro cold brew is excellent and I defintely want more for my early mornings 💆‍♂️.

In addition, Oracle is located in Portland’s South Waterfront and it’s a wonderful area. Plenty of food, close to the river, and beautiful environment overall, this is a worthy place to hang out in Portland.

Annie and I actually skipped rocks in a heated competition 😉; while I won’t say who won, the calming area was a good way to chill afterwards, and you should come too! 

Deadstock coffee roasters

Deadstock definitely has the MOST character I’ve seen in a coffee shop. Think smooth, rich covfefe combined with a passion for sneakers.

The baristas can even make a beautiful sneaker design on top of your coffee foam (so get their hot coffee 😉). And as someone who likes his shoes 👀, I appreciate this coffee shop’s complex, yet uncomplicated ambience. The clientele and people here also have a lot of personality, so it’s a fun place.

We also got a bag of beans to bring back to Texas 😂 that’s how much we like it! We got the Haiti — it’s “mellow, [got] smokey chocolate notes, very island vibey [and] great with cream.” So please come try this place out if you’re in town! 

Happy cup coffee company

Happy Cup Coffee Company — the name says it all; it’s a happy place :).

In fact, Happy Cup arguably has the most unique (and tasty of course) coffee drink we’ve ever had.

It’s called the Portland Libre; it’s house cold brew, Mexican coke, a splash of OJ and a healthy squeeze of lime. I know I know, sounds ~peculiar~ right?

But trust us, this drink is so good and quite refreshing! If you’re in need for a lil’ less caffeine one day (or tired from walking everywhere like us 😭), this is a must-try. And I know I’ll be getting it again when we’re in the PDX again!

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