Houston Restaurant Review: Handies Douzo

Let me ask you folks, 

We all enjoy food, don’t we? Of course we do, 🥲 and food is best enjoyed in the company of others. From friends to family, food tastes a bit more special when it’s with our loved ones. But – when it comes to a potential significant other – we might get a little nervous; we might forget the taste of food when we’re trying to impress a special someone 😬. 

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. Food is food; it’s meant to be savored with good people :). And one place in our opinion that epitomizes that is Handies Douzo – Hand Roll + Sushi Bar.

Sister restaurant to Kokoro, Handies is an intimate sushi spot that is great for dates. They focus on the exquisite hand roll; basically, it’s a sushi roll wrapped in nori, but uncut, so you get to dive into the entirety of a sushi roll. And it is so good and so difficult to not just scarf down the entire roll. 

The Food

But now the actual food! They offer ~9 rolls, as well as sashimi, crudo and some specials. You really can’t go wrong with any of their food, but if we had to pick, the rolls stole the show 😅.

From the salmon and yellowtail to the uni special, every roll is packed with sublime flavor; likewise, the quality of each fish is spectacular. The rice also acts like a nice fur coat for the fish and it’s just comforting; the nori wrapping, moreover, brings a tasteful, crispy contrast to the soft interior of the rolls. They also offer a few different sets of rolls if you have a hard time picking among all of their great options. Our favorite, however, was their ~secret menu~ roll: the kampachi 😉. And there’s only one word that can describe it – amazeballs. 

The good food doesn’t stop there either – the sashimi (beautifully sliced fish) and crudo (diced fish) were straight flavor; our taste buds were going off 🔥. We loved the otoro for the sashimi as well as the maguro for the crudo. 

Now a few rolls and slices of delicious fish may not sound like it will leave you fulfilled at the end of the night, but trust us, we didn’t even have room for dessert afterwards. Handies not only has the good stuff, but they also have a tasteful amount of it, too. So please go try this place out, guys! And maybe even bring that special person with you :). 

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