Houston Restaurant Review: Traveler’s Table

Traveler’s Table is tucked inside a gorgeous building, surrounded by beautiful greenery and glass windows that allow for just the right amount of light to filter in, shining onto the dining room.

A globally-inspired eatery, Traveler’s Table prides itself in serving modern versions of global cuisine, adding their unique and identifiable twists to these staples around the world, without ever straying to far from the original dishes they pay homage to.

Traveler’s Table was recommended by one of my best friends, and we were able to stop by for brunch. Their indoor seating is limited due to Covid-19 restrictions, and safety precautions are taken to ensure social distance requirements.


Between the four of us, we ordered a few dishes to share among the table. We ordered Hawaiian Pancakes, consisting of banana pancakes, tropical fruit, guava chantilly cream and coconut cream caramel sauce. The pancakes were wonderfully soft and paired perfectly with the caramel sauce, which if I may add, probably was the most flavorful caramel sauce ever — the coconut infusion just added the perfect tropical touch to the pancakes.

For more savory items, we shared three dishes. 1) The Blue Crab Eggs Benedict, with two buttermilk biscuits covered in an amazing hollandaise, jumbo lump crab and poached eggs. 2) Shrimp and Grits, with mascarpone cheese grits, applewood smoked bacon, New Orleans beer BBQ sauce and crispy shallots. 3) Traveler’s Table Breakfast board, a charcuterie-like board where you could pick and choose different items of your choice. We selected Indian eggs masala, breakfast potatoes, Vietnamese coffee cake and applewood smoked bacon.

My personal favorite was definitely the Blue Crab Eggs Benedict — the hollandaise alone clinched the winning spot, but topped with jumbo lump crab, this dish is a must-get. I also really enjoyed the shrimp and grits, which were the perfect complements of each other — one creamy yet light, the other flavorful and full of texture. The Breakfast Board is great for splitting with friends and lets you try so many of the other items of the menu if you’re interested, although I am still biased towards the first two items. I felt the items were a bit dry, but perhaps that was a result of their presentation.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed Traveler’s Table, and do hope to come back some time post-Covid! It’s the perfect restaurant to try out tastes and dishes from all over the world in a single spot, right dab in the middle of Houston.

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