Houston Coffee Review: The List

The List is a small, unassuming boutique, coffeeshop, and barbershop all in one. If you aren’t looking for it, you might miss out on this gym 🤭. And trust us, this is one fantastic gym. Not only can you get some new clothes and a fresh cut, but you can also get some greatly creative and intriguing beverages. We’ve listed out some of our favorites below and hope you can enjoy them too 🤝:

Mint Mojito

This is perhaps The List’s signature drink. It’s got that espresso-esque bitterness, but when combined with some creamy oat milk and hints of smooth mint, it’s utter delish. The flavor profile is also inconsistent, but this is a good thing. You get little pockets of different flavors and the mixing of them makes the drink pop and sparkle when you need it most! For example, you’re experiencing some much needed coffee and oat milk and then out of nowhere cool mint hits you, and you feel like you’re in a tropical, yet caffeinated, dream 🥳. Then the flavors ebb and flow once again, leading you through a wondrous journey of espresso and mint mojito. 

Maybe it’s just the Houston heat and humidity, but I feel this drink is a go-to for me. It’s got 2 shots of espresso to utterly energize me, but it’s also refreshing and kinda light. All in all, the Mint Mojito is a staple here and it’s a staple for us. 

Ube Rain

Another crowd favorite from The List. If you haven’t heard of ube yet, please let me impart some flavor knowledge. Ube (i.e., purple yam) is essentially a subtly sweet potato-like veggie. But no, it’s not one of those veggies you couldn’t stand back in the day; this kind of veggie makes food all the more invigorating 🤩. 

Just like the Mint Mojito, the Ube Rain starts off with some quintessential espresso flavor, but as you get further down the drink, you get all sorts of almgamations with the Ube, oat milk, and of course, espresso again. Flavors be popping left and right and it leaves one quite satisfied. The Ube gives this drink a more ~*Earthy*~ vibe, and honestly, it’s a nice contrast to the Mint Mojito, especially since Winter is Coming (GoT used to be so good 🤡). The Ube Rain has and will always remain on our coffee radar, and we encourage anyone who hasn’t tried Ube before to get this! I think it gets better as you drink it more because you get the special stuff they add.

Brown Sugar Drip

Yet another one many patrons enjoy 🤩.

If you guys have ever had brown sugar boba, this is the espresso version of it, but don’t worry, it’s got some of that luxurious condensed milk. It’s rich, velvety smooth, and deliciously sweet, the same as you’d expect if you’d ordered a brown sugar boba, without the boba at the bottom and a good dose of coffee.

The characteristic brown sugar is concentrated at the bottom of the drink, so it’ll be something you can progressively stir into your drink; otherwise, you’ll be hit in the face with sugar towards the end.

This is something you want when you got that sentimental craving for some childhood sweetness 🥰.  

Jasper Stoned Ice

If you guys are feeling for something non-caffeinated, this is a more-than-appropriate choice 😮‍💨. It’s matcha, charcoal, and wonderful oat milk. For the fans of matcha, you guys should enjoy this 😉. It’s got some simple syrup to give you a little kick, too; this is something if you want something more mild. But trust us, it’s still quite good.  

Besides drinks, haircuts, and clothes, The List also has some study spaces! There are only about 3 desks, but it’s a solid place to study or get some work done with a peaceful vibe. It’s also a place that is not overly packed, so you can likely get a study space ;). One thing to note is it opens around 9:30-10AM typically and getting there to work is probably best around then if you want to secure a spot. The List is definitely a place we recommend you guys try out! Please let us know what you think 😊.

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