Houston Restaurant Review: Postino Wine Bar

Tucked right off a bustling street in Montrose is the lively Postino Wine Bar, located in an immediately-noticeable building (it was built back in the 40s, and has been home to some famed places!)

While Postino actually has a number of locations across the country, it surely does not feel like that. Step inside here, and you’ll find it bustling with the chatter of people enjoying their food and drinks, and the servers are so incredibly friendly — the vibe is just like your fun neighborhood restaurant.

We’ve come to Postino a number of times, mostly after a long day to enjoy some yummy food with our friends. They have an enormous outdoor seating area, and it’s perfect for a casual gathering over some drinks (they can host up to 40 people in a group, although you’d definitely want to check in with them first!).

Their happy hour deals are a plus as well: they have $5 glasses of wine and pitchers of beer until 5 pm every day, or grab a bruschetta board and bottle of wine (you can choose from their 30 boutique wines and more) for just $25.

And speaking of those bruschetta boards, they are a MUST TRY. Bruschetta is a popular antipasta (appetizer) in Italy consisting of tasty grilled bread with various toppings (traditionally the topping is tomatoes). Postino absolutely takes their bruschetta boards to the next level with their varieties. You can choose four different types for each board for $15.50. You can be like us, and end up trying almost all 12 of the options, or pick the ones that speak the most to your soul.

My (Annie) personal favorites are the Prosciutto Di Parma, Fig & Mascarpone — the savoriness of the prosciutto perfectly balances against the subtly sweet fig and creamy mascarpone, and the textures work perfectly on the grilled bread — and the Sweet N’ Spicy Pepper Jam & Goat Cheese, where again, the flavors just perfectly complement each other.

Michael’s favorite is the Ricotta, Dates & Pistachio; he says the slightly sweet ricotta and the crunchiness of the pistachio sets this one above all the others. (And if you’re looking for a fourth one to finish up your board, I’d like to recommend a savory one to balance all the flavors out: Warm Artichoke Spread).

If you want to explore other options, there are still the:

  • Brie, Apple & Fig Spread
  • Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil
  • Burrata, Bacon, Arugula & Tomato
  • Almond Hummus & Chopped Tomato
  • Piquillo Pepper & Goat Cheese
  • Salami & Pesto
  • Seasonal

Of course, Postino certainly has more than just incredible bruschetta boards (although the boards themselves are more than filling!); they’ve got great cheese and meat boards to go with your happy hour drinks. If you want something resembling more of an entree, there’s soup, salads and panini (prosciutto and brie is the way to go!). Finally, if you’ve got even the slightest bit of room left for dessert, their chocolate bouchon is a wonderfully warm, brownie-like cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and warm chocolate ganache. No better way to end this wonderful day on a sweet note like this!

All in all, Postino is a highly recommended place for something casual, fun, exciting and filled with good foods and drinks.

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