Houston Restaurant Review: Armando’s

My fellow Tex-Mex Lovers,

Oftentimes it feels like Tex-Mex is only relegated to a quick to-go order to fill cravings. And while I don’t disagree some late night Tex-Mex hits the spot, there is an under-explored depth to this cuisine. One place that Annie and I feel truly illuminates this depth is Armandos! 

Nestled in a nice spot in River Oaks, Armandos is “fashioned after 1920s’ Mexico City; [it] features classic Mexican fare with a nod to La Buena Vida.” A style like that makes you know you’re living the good life whenever you dine at Armandos. 

So it’s no lie there is a fantastic style at Armandos, but let’s get real – the 🌟 food 🌟. Armandos themselves describe their menu as ranging “from guacamole to quesadillas and sumptuous enchiladas to elegant seafood dishes, [making their] menu chock-full of mouthwatering Mexican cuisine.” And I’ll tell you what dishes Annie and I love in particular 👀.


Starting with the appetizers, you guys MUST get the Tuna Tartare Tacos. Yes, Armandos isn’t a sushi place, yet we believe their Tuna Tartare bests the tuna at some sushi spots 🔥. The tuna itself is tender, luscious and packed full of flavor; moreover, the tacos come with crispy, warm wonton shells and creamy avocado, all topped with spicy sriracha sauce. Now tell me – does that not sound amazeballs?

But I digress! The Chipotle Crab Cake is nothing short of phenomenal; in fact, Armandos’ crab cake might be the best crab cake I’ve ever had. The crab cake is “mixed with chopped poblano and red bell peppers, coated with panko bread crumbs, served with roasted red pepper sauce.” That sounds like endless wonderment to me, doesn’t it? Finally, you can tell the queso here is handled with much care and love :).


For the entrees, Annie and I simply are enchanted with their enchiladas. We ordered the lobster and crab enchiladas; these two enchilada orders are made with “two corn tortillas rolled with lump crab/lobster meat and cheese, topped with mozzarella cheese and a creamy lobster sauce. Both are delish; you can’t go wrong with either, trust us. The lobster meat is so high-quality and you know you’re having wonderful food. The crab is so soft; it’s moist and juicy and absorbs so much flavor from the lobster sauce and mozzarella. Again, you can’t go wrong 😩.

Annie and I also tried their Mini Surf & Turf – it’s composed of a “4 oz filet mignon, one crab cake, and a jumbo gulf shrimp served with fresh sautéed spinach and finished with white wine lemon butter.” I don’t think I need to say anything; this dish more than speaks for itself 🤭. 


Now for dessert! Every dessert here is astounding. Two I want to talk about are the Cheesecake (which is Armandos’ Favorite) and their Tres Leches. First, Annie firmly believes the Tres Leches might be one of the best single bites of cake ever. It’s so soft and moist that it’s almost like custard, and just read its description – “three milk moist white cake infused with white rum and topped with a white frosting.” You know it’s good after reading that 💫.

But for my favorite, the Cheesecake; it’s a “classic homemade cheesecake with a graham cracker crust.” In my opinion, what makes the Cheesecake my favorite is its complexity. Bottom-up, the crust feels like it’s candied while the actual cheesecake is supple and scrumptious. This contrast and juxtaposition truly makes it stand out to me. The Cheesecake, in short, is amazeballs. 

Armando’s, thus, is quite highly-recommended, so please try it out and let us know what you think!

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